In this article, we will discuss politics in a simple and easy way, why do we keep running away from it without understanding politics?

Is politics such a bad thing? So read this article completely, you will get to know many things; And then think about it.

politics and our attitude

Politics – Youmust have heard the name! Yes, why don’t they keep listening, they keep listening in every season, morning and evening, night and day, winter, summer and rain. And as soon as they hear it, they try to run away as far as they can.

Because usually on hearing the name of politics, only one thing comes to mind  this government has been sold, now nothing is kept in this government. This is so……….

There are wonderful people here, some of them consider politics a gimmick in which a person can go to any extent to fulfill his wants and needs.

At the same time, for some people, politics is a den of leaders making false promises, a den of scammers, a den of those who straighten their owls by taking votes in the name of religion and caste. Politics is a slush – where you splash on someone else, it will fall on you too, “Politics is a soot cell” Try to escape by any means, even then there will be soot somewhere. Most of the people have similar perception about politics.

As soon as we see people engaged in serving their selfishness in every possible way, we tell them that ‘Yeh toh politics kar raha hai’.

And if you ask those people that you are a good person then why don’t you come into politics, why don’t you make everything right here, why don’t you start a good tradition, then there is only one answer for such people – I have no interest in politics at all.

Of course they are doing only one type of politics by saying so, politics of substandard quality. Because of the incompetence of these people, politics has become so perverted. And then those people keep cursing that politics is such a bad thing.

If this is politics, then what to say? But obviously it is not so. Politics is very broad. Although it seems like a small word, but from birth till death it keeps on affecting us in one way or the other. So the question is what is politics after all ?

What is politics?

Politics is a public service and if it is public service, then at some point in life, we do some kind of public service, if we do, then how can we consider ourselves separate from politics.

‘ What is appropriate and desirable for us and our society ‘ is politics. If this is politics then don’t we ever think about what is better for us or for our understanding. Of course think and more or less work directly or indirectly for it. If we do, then how can we consider ourselves separate from politics.

Politics itself is a solution and at the same time a system to suggest solutions . We and our society have so many problems, but sooner or later the solution is found. Whatever be the motive behind it, but it is true that we are at the center of it. If so, then how can we consider ourselves separate from politics.

Politics means to achieve a particular objective under a particular policy . Talking about any family, there is also some kind of rule, some kind of policies are made to achieve some kind of purpose. And all the members are a part of this special policy. The same thing happens at the country level also and we are also a part of that particular policy. If so how can we consider ourselves separate from politics.

You see for yourself that we are always a part of politics, but the question is why then we try to keep ourselves away from it.

One reason for this is that it has become ingrained in our consciousness that politics is a separate thing which we have to do separately.

But the truth is that we are always a part of it. Now you see for yourself that I am writing this now to mean that I am using the right of expression as a political right.

There are good reasons to believe that there is a lot of distortion in politics, that politics is a very dirty thing. But all this is our own doing, we cannot blame anyone else for this.

But the good news is that we can fix it. Many things will be fine on their own when we change our attitude towards it and some things will require us to show some activity.

Whatever it is, one thing is clear that instead of running away from it, we should focus on adopting it.

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