Robots, about which it is also said today that they will rule in the future, do not know what will happen, but today it is very difficult to imagine the world without robots.

Today it has established its reach almost everywhere, be it home, office or factory. Robots have a huge role in making the world the way it is today.

In this article, we will discuss the robots in a simple and intuitive way and understand its different types, then definitely read the article till the end;

रोबोट के प्रकार

| What is Robot?

Robot is a computerized machine which is made with the help of computer programming for a specific and complex task.

Not all machines are robots, but only that type of machine is considered a robot that supports electronic programming and is capable of processing data and operating itself autonomously.  

| history of robots

The study of ancient China, Greece and Egypt civilizations shows that since ancient times, humans thought and tried as much as possible to build machines that could be self-propelled.

Something has always been done in this field since about the second century, but Joseph Frederick Engelberger is considered as the father of modern robotics. 

He built the first mechanical worker in 1950, which was named Unimats . Although many robots had been made before that too, but there were many flaws in it.

Talking about today, robots are fast becoming a part of common life. Some people even express the possibility that the coming time will be of robots.

| types of robot

Robots can be classified into the following categories on the basis of their utility and application in different fields –

Domestic Robot

domestic robot

These robots include robots performing various tasks like sweepers, vacuum cleaners, pool cleaners, etc. However, now in the domestic robots, robots are also coming in service like  education , entertainment or medical etc.

A domestic robot is a type of service robot , which is an autonomous robot . These are used to perform household tasks.

Industrial Robot

industrial robot

Industrial robots are mainly used for manufacturing tasks in this area. Such robots are generally used for lifting, welding, cleaning, packaging, assembling.

To do this type of work, special types of hands are used in it. Industrial robots changed the very definition of production.

Military Robot

military robot

These are used for military purposes. These include reconnaissance drones, bomb disposal, special types of transport robots and rescue robots etc. 

Medical Robot

medical robot

These types of robots are manufactured in medical institutions for various types of tasks. Such as for the care of patients, for work like surgery, etc.

Space Robot


Such robots are used for the International Space Station, space exploration and exploration on other planets. For example, Marsh Rover.  

Service Robot


They are able to act autonomously in real and unpredictable environments to make decisions and accomplish assigned tasks. These robots are used for research work, data collection, customer service, office work etc. 



There is a robot whose body shape is made like a human body. In general, humanoid robots have a torso, a head, two arms and two legs. 

Companion Robot


Companion robots are robots designed for the purpose of creating real companionship for humans. Meaning that a living and caring robot.

These types of robots are specially made for children and old people so that they do not miss their loved ones.

| Some Major Functions of Robots 

Due to the increasing human needs and desires, the work of robots is very much relevant for humans today. It has registered its presence in many areas, but now there are many areas where its presence is desired.

Robots in Radio Righteous Reading Work

Nuclear power requires the handling of radioactive chemicals. Because direct exposure to radioactive substances is dangerous for humans, radioactive chemicals are handled by robots.

In this way man gets rid of the nuclear energy exposure of radioactive materials. 

in firefighting

Although the use of robots for tasks like extinguishing fires and rescuing people is still in its infancy, but in the near future we will see it in large scale fire squads. 

work in mines

In mines where there is always the risk of subsidence of the ground, cracking of the roof and harmful gases. There they are proving to be very useful. 

Work at sea level 

Till date man has gone only 100 to 200 meters in the unchanging depths of the sea and that too with special type of clothes and breathing equipments.

70 percent of the surface is submerged. Most of the sea is deep from 2 to 6 km. In such a situation, robots with mechanical arms and vision can prove to be very useful.

Which can be sent to the depths of the ocean and used to search the deep sea and collect valuables.

When an Air India jumbo jet crashed into the sea several years ago, a similar robot named Scarev was used to remove the block box of a damaged aircraft from the sea floor. 

celestial search

Even today robots are of great use in celestial searches. More recently, the Voyager II program edited by the US was successful in large part because two robots were helping in many tasks. 

Medical use 

Robots have a major contribution in the fields of orthotics and prosthetics. Prosthetics is the medical science in which a lost organ of a human being is transplanted.

If a person’s arm or leg is amputated, then artificial limbs are added, which can understand the instructions of the brain by measuring the electromyograph signals received from the uncut parts of the body. These types of experiments are happening a lot these days.

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