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30+ Puzzles

Puzzle 1
Which hand is best for adding sugar to a cup of hot tea?
Puzzle 2
The more you take out of it, the bigger it gets. What is that after all?
Puzzle 3
Two mothers, two daughters, a grandmother and a granddaughter are in a car. How many people are there in that car?
Puzzle 4
A truck was going towards the village. On the way he got 4 trucks, after walking for a while, he got 7 more, after walking for a while he saw 4 cars, tell how many trucks were now going to the village.
Puzzle 5
Which wheel does not turn when the car turns right?

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Puzzle 6
When I am clean, I am black and when I am dirty, I am white. who am i?
Puzzle 7
Which fruit is not sold even though it is sweet?
Puzzle 8
Which room does not have doors?
Puzzle 9
Why do migratory birds fly to India from thousands of miles away in winter?
Puzzle 10
What is that thing that you can only hold with the left hand, never with the right hand?

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Puzzle 11
How can 100 be written in three different ways using five identical digits?
Puzzle 12
The weight of a brick is 4 kg. What will be the weight of another brick similar to the same brick, when its length, breadth and height are all 4 times smaller than a brick of 4 kg?
Puzzle 13
Can you write 1000 using 8 identical digits?
Puzzle 14
There is a special kind of lotus in a pond which doubles every day. Thus the whole pond is filled in 30 days. Now if suppose instead of one lotus there are two lotuses, then how many days will it take to fill the whole pond?
Puzzle 15
There are 25 stations on a railway line, so how many types of tickets will have to be kept at a ticket counter, so that if someone wants to go to any station, then tickets are available for him?

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Puzzle 16
A man makes a new piece of chalk using five pieces of chalk. When he writes with that new chalk, again a piece remains from the chalk that cannot be written. Then how many new chalks in total can be made from 25 chalks?
Puzzle 17
A boy collects 8 insects in a small box, some of which are spiders and some are beetles. When he started counting the feet, he came to know that there are 54 feet in total. So you have to tell how many spiders and beetles he has collected in total?
Puzzle 18
There are chicken and duck eggs in 6 baskets. They are placed in such a way that the first basket is containing chicken eggs, the second basket is containing duck eggs and so on. The number of eggs in each basket are as follows – 5, 6, 12, 14, 23 and 29 respectively. The seller says that if I sell this basket then I will have twice the chicken eggs as duck eggs, then tell which basket he is talking about selling?
Puzzle 19
What is the largest number that can be formed by using 1’s four times?
Puzzle 20
Can you write 10 using 1 five times? And if you can write, in how many ways can you write?

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Puzzle 21
The 300 meter high Eiffel Tower in Paris is made of 8,000,000 kg of steel. A model of this tower was made, whose weight is only one kg, then what will be its height?
Puzzle 22
Can you write 24 using three identical digits? Except 8+8+8.
Puzzle 23
Can you write 30 using three identical digits?
Puzzle 24
‘Do you want more rope?’ asked the surprised mother,
‘Yes, I need a little more rope,’ said the child.
‘What happened to the rope that was given yesterday?’ Mother asked,
First you took half, then Tommy took half of the remaining half for fishing, then dad took half of the remaining and sister took three fifths of the left, in the end only 30 centimeters left’ Now Can you tell me how long the rope was?
Puzzle 25
If five men can build a house in 16 days, how much time will only two men take to build the same house, assuming all the men work at the same rate?

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Puzzle 26
If all the millimeter cubes of 1 m3 are placed on top of each other to form a pole, what will be its height?
Puzzle 27
The call center received the maximum number of inquiries between 3 pm and 4 pm, which was 60% more than the 600 inquiries received between 2 pm and 3 pm. How many inquiries were received per minute on an average between 3 PM and 4 PM?
Puzzle 28
If my train journey takes 47 minutes and my taxi journey takes 19 minutes more, what is my total travel time in hours and minutes?
Puzzle 29
What is the length of the hypotenuse in a right angled triangle if the two shortest sides are 10 and 24 cm respectively?
Puzzle 30
In eight years the combined age of my two sons and I will be 124. What will it be in five years’ time?

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Puzzles 31
The average of three numbers is 48. The average of two of these numbers is 56. What is the third number?
Puzzles 32
A company produces 864 white, black and red motor vehicles per week in the ratio 1 : 5 : 3. How many black cars does the company produce per week?
Puzzles 33
A man has 53 socks in his drawer: 21 alike blue, 15 alike black and 17 alike red. The house lights are out and it is in complete darkness. How many socks does he have to remove to be 100 percent sure that he has one pair of black socks?
Puzzles 34
A boy went to a stall in the market. A man standing there made a bet that if I write your 100% correct weight on this paper, then you will give me 500 rupees. And if I can’t write, I will give you 500 rupees.
The boy looked around and there was nothing to weigh. He said yes thinking that whatever will be written, I will say more or less than him and in this way I will win 500 rupees. But in the end the opposite happened, the boy had to pay 500 rupees. Now tell me how that man won the bet?
Puzzles 35
Vinod had twenty one chickens, he had also ordered 10 more chickens. Everyone died except eleven, how many chickens are left with Vinod?

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| puzzle Answer

Spoon is fine, hands are not.
There are a total of three people in the car.
Only one truck
Spare Wheel
fruit of hard work
Because they can’t walk.
Right hand elbow
111-11 = 100, (5*5*5)-(5*5) = 100, (5+5+5+5)*5 = 100
The volume of the second brick (4*4*4 = 64) is 64 times smaller than that of the original brick. Hence weight of second brick = 4000/64 = 62.5 grams
If you are thinking that the pond will be filled in 15 days then it is wrong, the correct answer is 29 days. Because when there was a lotus the number of flowers was increasing like this – 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,…. But when there are two lotuses then the number of flowers will increase like this – 2, 4, 8, 16,……. Simply say, when there was a single lotus, it would have taken 29 days to fill the pond halfway, but now since the number of flowers is double, it will be full on the 29th day itself.
25×24 = 600. That is, he will have to keep 600 types of tickets.
6. Because the first 25 chalks will make 5 chalks but what is left will make one chalk. That means 6 chalks will be made.
We know that spiders have 8 legs and beetles have 6 legs. According to this, there should be 3 spiders and 5 beetles in the box, only then there will be 54 legs.
Basket with 29 eggs. This is because after selling it, the seller will be left with 5+12+23 = 40 eggs of chicken and 6+14 = 20 eggs of duck.
1+(11/11) = 10 11/1-(1/1) = 10
The model is 8,000,000 times lighter and smaller than the original tower. i.e. 200*200*200 = 8,000,000; So the height will be 200 times less, so height = 300/200 = 1.5 meters.
22 + 2 = 24 3^3 – 3 = 24
5×5+5 = 30 3^3 + 3 = 30 33 – 3 = 30
6 meters
Five men take 5 × 16 = 80 man days to build a house. Therefore, it will take 40 days for two men to build a house (80/2).
1000 kms
16 per minute because 600 inquiries were received between 2 pm to 3 pm. And there was an increase of 60 percent that’s why there were 960 inquiries between 3 PM to 4 PM i.e. (960/60 = 16) more per minute.
1 hour 53 minutes (113 minutes)
10^2  + 24^2  = 100 + 576 = 676. 676 = 26 (Pythagoras).
The combined age in eight years is 124; Now age is 124 – (8 × 3) = 100. Age in five years will be 100 + (5 × 3) = 115.
The sum of three numbers should be 48 × 3 = 144. The sum of two numbers should be 56 × 2 = 112. Therefore, 144 – 112 = 32;
480 because 1 + 5 + 3 = 9. 864 / 9 = 96 96 x 5 = 480.
If he takes out 38 socks, it is very less likely though it is also possible that they are all of blue and red colours. But to be 100% sure that he also has a pair of black socks, he will have to remove two more socks. That means 40 socks.
First the person asked the boy that you know your weight. The boy said – yes, as he had said in the condition. He wrote on the paper – Your weight is perfect. And thus cleverly won the bet.
Eleven survived because after all the rest all died.

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