In this article, we will discuss the population problem and solution in India in a simple and easy way, and try to understand its various important aspects;

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population problem
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| population problem

Today, when we are talking about the population problem, we remember that time. Yes ! The same time – when there used to be ghosts, people were afraid of the dark, afraid of the forests.

But now such a time has come that even if ghosts go to the jungles, then people who do not meet ghosts will definitely meet them, if they get glued to the phone, then there is no big deal in it!ย Wherever you look, only people are seen.ย 

Perhaps that is why population in India has taken the form of a big problem today.ย I don’t know what happened to the people.ย 

According to the census of 1951, the total population of India was 36 crores and according to the 2011 census, the population of India was 120 crores.

Now just think and see that in 60 years the population of India has increased by 84 crores. This means that the population has increased at the rate of 1 crore 40 lakhs every year, about 11 and a half lakhs every month and about 38 thousand people every day.

Everyone would know that this was the time when the yield of the land was decreasing, people were not getting enough agricultural products, only then the Green Revolution was brought. 

But the production of human beings was increasing unexpectedly, there was no decrease in it, that’s why it was said! I don’t know what happened to the people.

Think for yourself why this will not become a problem, while India is only 2.4 percent of the total land of the world, but 17 percent of the total population of the world resides here. The situation has become so bad that in a city like Delhi, 12000 people live within 1 sq km. Means 12 people live in 1 square meter.

Seeing these figures, only one question arises in the mind that after all, how did the population increase so rapidly? So come let’s know how it increased so much? 

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| Main cause of population problem

Increase in Birth Rate 

Now think for yourself that the country whose population has increased at the rate of 38000 per day, then how high the birth rate would have been. Simply say, people have created children with an open heart.

Now that we all understand that having children is a biological necessity, a need for family recognition and social development, but I wish! That in the case of India it would have been all that! Apart from this, there are many more reasons here.

First of all, there has been a practice of child marriage (more or less) in our country for a long time. So where does that sensitivity come from at that age of immaturity? Secondly, marriage is compulsory (if we side out some exception).

Once married, it is even more imperative to have children. Because if you have not produced children, you may not be told anything, but your wife will not be spared, otherwise she will definitely have to face some mental torture.

Now if you do not have to bear all this and you have planned a child and by chance that girl is born, then another tension, now you will decide that you will keep trying till a boy is not born. so how will the population not increase

But more interesting thing can be guessed from this figure that according to 2011 census there are only 940 females per 1000 males. This means that despite all this, women have never come at par with men.

Now there is one more thing in our society, a child is considered a divine gift. It is said that children are a gift from God. But people forget that this child will not always be a child when he grows up, will people still consider him a gift from God. What do you believe?

Now let me tell you an interesting statistic. One, about 50 percent of the total population of our country is between 15 and 50 years old. Which is a good age in terms of child production and even if we are living in a climate suitable for producing children, then how will the population of that country not increase. 

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decrease in death rate

There was a time when there was intermittent war and millions of people became dear to God, there was a time when there was famine and millions of people died, there was a time when there was not much development in the medical field. There was an epidemic, and the whole city would be wiped out. 

Now there is neither war nor famine, and we have made so much progress in the field of medicine that people are saved from dying even at the last moment.

This will be better understood from the figures. If we look at the mortality rate from 1951 to 2001, it is found that the earlier death rate was 28 per thousand, that is, 28 out of every one thousand people died every year, it gradually decreased to 9 per thousand.

It happened that people who lived on average only 46 years in 1961, by the time of 1981 people started living an average of 54 years, which became 65 years in 2001 and talking about 2011, now people are living an average of 69 years.

Now so many children are already being born and the one who is alive from above is not ready to die soon, so how will the population not increase in such a situation. 

Illiteracy, low income and low standard of living

Now the people who are illiterate do not know what is family planning. They often follow conservative ideologies. The growth of children does not make any difference to their standard of living.

So they just make their invaluable contribution in increasing the population in the country. So these are some of the reasons why the population of our country has increased so much. 

Now we will try to know what happens due to population growth. 

impact of population problem

Employment problem 

If one thing is turning population growth into a nightmare, it is the lack of employment. If you look like this, it seems to be just one reason, but if we go to the bottom of it, then this one reason is the mother of many other reasons. how that? Come let’s see

There is no need to prove that what is the importance of money in today’s world.ย Everything is connected with money. Now if you do not get employment, then money will not come.ย 

If money does not come, poverty will increase.ย If poverty increases, the standard of living will fall.ย If the standard of living declines, uncleanliness will become his friend.ย Unclean friendship will cost him dearly.ย Various diseases will increase in it and the number of unhealthy people will increase.

Now the one who was unwell with the body till now will start becoming unhealthy mentally too. If you are mentally unwell, then dirty thoughts will come in your mind. And as soon as dirty thoughts start coming in the mind. Crimes like theft, dacoity, robbery, rape, murder, treason, terrorism will increase.

Political parties will bake their own rotis. The media person will get a breaking news and those who have employment will sit in their homes and curse the economy of the country and say โ€“ Aji listensโ€ฆ. What a bad situation the country is going through, isn’t it? 

This situation goes on like this in just one order, now the one who does not have employment, if he has children, then due to poor economic condition he will not be able to get good education, will not be able to get nutritious food, will not be able to get healthy environment.

This will make him adopt a narrow minded personality. Due to lack of necessary skills, he will not get a good job and the same situation will keep on repeating again.

Overall, the country itself suffers, that is why till date we have not been able to progress like developed countries. 

Population problem and inflation

Due to population growth, the demand for everything in the country increases whether it is agricultural products or manufacturing based products and if that is not met, inflation increases. Obviously, if the demand for something goes up while the supply goes down, inflation will increase.

Agricultural land shortage and deforestation 

To meet the basic needs of such a large population, forests are being cut wildly. The area of โ€‹โ€‹cities is increasing day by day. And whatever expansion is taking place, it is happening only on the value of agricultural land. Now when forests will be cut down, the area of โ€‹โ€‹cities will increase, then another bad effect of this comes in the form of pollution.

And we know today that most of the air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution are in the cities. As pollution increases, the quality of the environment declines. And it directly affects humans. You will be able to feel that the quality of human beings is also declining. Evils and corruption are increasing in the society.

There is also a decline in values โ€‹โ€‹in the field of politics, religion, society and culture. And human beings are getting polluted at the social, cultural as well as psychological level. 

The social structure is completely deteriorating. People’s sensibility towards people is getting lost, despite being so crowded, everyone feels lonely. 

People today are living in a virtual world. Because in the real world people have no time. Today this result is coming to the fore due to the excessive growth of population. 

Then the question comes that what is the solution to this population problem? So let’s discuss about its solution.

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solution to the population problem

Expansion of quality education facilities

To stop the increasing population, it is necessary that quality education facilities should be expanded in the country. Because it is a fact that the number of members of educated families is limited. So as the number of educated persons increases, automatically they will limit their family.

It is not that the literacy rate has not increased, where according to the 1991 census, the literacy rate was around 53 percent, while according to the 2001 census it became 65 percent and

By 2011, it reached around 75 percent. But it is also a fact that the benefit of increasing the literacy rate is only when people are really getting educated.

In that too, there is a greater need for education system focused on subjects like sex education, family life education, family welfare education, anti-population education. 

bring down the birth rate 

It is not that the birth rate has not decreased. While the birth rate decreased from 40 per thousand to 27 per thousand in the 50 years between 1951 and 2001, it is still higher compared to developed countries.

If we look at some countries for example, it is 15 per thousand in Australia, 10 in Germany, and 14 in Britain. So we need to do a lot of work on this;

Perhaps that is why today we feel the need for a law like population control. The example of China is before us that how it has controlled population control to a great extent by bringing laws. 


Education is not only a powerful medium to bring awareness, but today there is a need to make people aware through other mediums as well.

The present Prime Minister, in his address to the nation on this subject, also linked nationalism to cooperation in reducing population. Many more such efforts are needed.

As the rules need to be strictly followed, arrangements can also be made to give fair rewards to those who marry late and those who produce less children.

Sterilization may be encouraged. Availability of cheap means of contraception can be ensured, etc. Overall, there is a need to bring about a change in the mindset of the people. 

So these were the population problem and some solutions to it; Hope you have understood, a link of other important articles is given below, must read it too.

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