It is believed that understanding the problem is a very big step towards solving the problem. The Parliamentary Forum also works in a similar way, it makes the members of Parliament aware and tries to inculcate the right understanding of the issues in them.

In this article, we will discuss this in a simple and easy way and understand its important aspects; So read till the end to understand better. And also read related articles to understand parliament…

Parliamentary Forum
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Objective of Parliamentary Forum

Members of Parliament could effectively raise issues in the House and before departmental committees. For this it is necessary that the members have knowledge about the relevant subjects and are well acquainted with the ground realities, this is where the Parliamentary Forum comes in handy.

The Parliamentary Forum provides a forum to the members where they can have focused and meaningful discussions on important topics with the concerned Ministers, experts, key officials of the Ministries. On important issues, it prepares a database by collecting data from the concerned ministry, NGOs, newspapers, internet etc. and distributes them among the members so that the members can participate in the forum meetings in a meaningful manner.

Constitution of Parliamentary Forum

The first Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management was constituted in 2005. Talking about the present, there are 8 parliamentary forums in existence.

1. Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management (2005)
2. Parliamentary Forum on Youth (2006)
3. Parliamentary Forum on Children (2006)
4. Parliamentary Forum on Population and Public Health (2008)
5. Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change (2008)
6. Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Management (2011)
7. Parliamentary Forum on Craftsmen and Artisans (2013)
8. Parliamentary Forum on Millennium Development Goals (2013).

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Composition of Parliamentary Forum

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is the ex-officio Speaker of all the Forums. the Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha, the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the Ministers concerned and the Chairman of the Standing Committees related to the departments are the ex-officio Vice-Presidents of the various Forums.

Each Forum consists of not more than 31 members except the President and the Vice-Chairmen. Out of which maximum 21 are from Lok Sabha and maximum 10 are from Rajya Sabha. The members of these forums, except the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers, are nominated by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.

Any member, as long as he remains a member of the House, can remain a member of this forum as well. If a member wishes to withdraw from it, he can resign in writing to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. A member-convener is appointed by the chairman of this parliamentary forum, who regularly looks after the approved programs, etc.

Functions of Parliamentary Forum

Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management – This forum has the following functions such as

1. To identify the problems related to water and give its suggestions on them so that appropriate action can be taken by the government or the organization concerned after considering them. 

2. To organize seminars and workshops to create awareness about water conservation and its efficient management and also to take cognizance of other related work as deemed appropriate.

Parliamentary Forum for Youth – The functions of this forum are as follows:

1. To conduct meaningful discussions on the strategies of youth utilization of human capital so as to take forward the developmental aspects of youth. 

2. To create awareness about the potential of the youth and to engage regularly with youth representatives and leaders to discuss their hopes, aspirations, concerns and problems.

3. Discussion with experts, national and international organizations and government agencies By emphasizing on the restructuring of policies related to youth empowerment.

Parliamentary Forum for Children – This forum has the following functions:-

1. To raise awareness of important issues affecting the welfare of children in Parliaments and to make efforts to ensure the rightful place of children in the development process

2. Parliamentarians To provide a platform where they can exchange their views, perspectives and experiences related to children through programs like workshops, seminars etc.

3. To Parliamentarians, with Institutional Expert Agencies such as UNICEF and other comparable agencies. To provide opportunities to discuss and take up such other work projects etc., as may be suggested by the Forum.

Parliamentary Forum on Population and Public Health – The functions of this forum are as follows:-

1. To make meaningful and focused discussions on population control and its related matters.

2. Spreading awareness

3. Discussing issues such as population and public health with experts at national and international level and interacting with multilateral organizations like WHO etc. and related government agencies.

Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change – The functions of this forum are as follows:-

1. To identify the problems related to global warming and to give their opinion on the ways of reducing global warming at the government level. 

2. Identifying the ways by which MPs can get an opportunity to interact with experts of national-international level who are working on global warming and climate change

3. Parliamentarians on Global Warming and Climate Change To organize seminars to create awareness about cause and effect and such other work as this forum may deem fit.

Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Management – ​​The functions of this forum are as follows;-

1. To identify and suggest the problems related to disaster management so that the government can consider it and take appropriate action to reduce the impact of the disaster. 

2. To identify ways in which the members will have an opportunity to interact with experts from national and international bodies to become aware of the relevant modalities to deal with disasters

3. To spread awareness about the causes and effects of disasters To organize seminars and to do such other work as the Forum may deem fit.

Parliamentary Forum on Craftsmen and Craftsmen – The functions of this forum are as follows:-

1. To bring attention of the members of Parliament to the issue of artisans and craftsmen and to increase awareness among them about their problems so that traditional arts and crafts can be preserved and promoted.

2. To provide a forum for members to discuss matters relating to artisans and craftsmen where focused meaningful discussions can be held.

3. To enable Members of Parliament to communicate in an institutional manner with representatives of various Federal Ministries, Government Organizations like Khadi and Village Industries Commission and other related organizations and bodies on this issue and undertake such other tasks, projects and responsibilities as the forum deems appropriate.

Parliamentary Forum on Millennium Development Goals – The functions of this forum are as follows:-

1. To provide meaningful and focused discussion to the Members of Parliament on the ideas, perspectives, experiences and best practices related to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals through workshops, seminars etc. providing a platform. 

2. To inculcate values ​​associated with the Millennium Development Goals such as eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, gender equality and women’s empowerment, reducing infant mortality, improving maternal health, environmental sustainability and developing the Global Partnership for Development To provide a platform to promote and take up other work projects etc. as the forum may deem fit.

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