Why tears come from cutting onions and how to avoid it

Onion is very rude, it only makes you cry. But who makes it unfaithful, who is responsible behind it, after all, why do tears come from the eyes after cutting onions, let us know.

Onions get their distinctive, pungent flavor from sulfur. Let me tell you one thing here that the same chemical is behind the foul smell of rotten eggs. But it is not only sulfur in onions that is responsible for making you cry. 

Onions also contain an enzyme called synthase . When onions are harvested, synthase  reacts  with sulfur and forms a chemical compound called syn-Propanethial S-oxide.

This compound is unstable and produces a gas that triggers tear glands, also known as lacrimal glands – causing that gland to produce tears.

By the way, this pungent smell is a kind of defense mechanism. Which nature has given to protect plants like onions and garlic from animals etc. 

Avoid the tears coming from the eyes like this

1. While cutting the onion, heat the knife and then cut the onion, tears will not come. Well, let me tell you one thing that sometimes it doesn’t even work, so don’t start blaming me.

2. Let the onion soak in water for a while, it reduces the intensity of its chemical slightly.

3. Keep the onion in the fridge for a while, when it cools down a bit, its intensity reduces to a great extent. It works, I’ve tried it.

4. Asking someone else to chop the onion also works. This will not bring you tears at all.

5. It can also be avoided by wearing a helmet or wearing glasses that cover the eyes completely. This always works.

No matter how big the onion may be, but that stone also makes the heart cry, that’s why respect it. And go chop the onion.