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Onions: General Introduction

Onion is a herbaceous plant of the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) that is grown for its edible bulb. The onion is probably a species native to southwestern Asia, but is now grown worldwide, especially in temperate regions of the world. Onions are low in nutrients but valued for their flavor and are widely used in cooking. They add flavor to dishes such as chicken, mutton, roasts, soups and salads and are also served as a cooked vegetable.

Onions are one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. It is said that this plant has been grown in India, China and the Middle East since thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians considered the spherical bulb to be a symbol of the universe, and the concentric spheres of the Aristotelian universe were also compared to onions.

Its name is probably derived from Latin unus, meaning “one.” Onions have also been used for centuries because of their healing powers; They have been used in folk medicine for various ailments such as colds, earaches, laryngitis, animal bites, burns, and warts.

Why tears come while cutting onions

Onion is very rude, it only makes you cry. But who makes it unfaithful, who is responsible behind it, after all, why do tears come from the eyes after cutting onions, let us know.

Onions get their distinctive, pungent flavor from sulfur. Let me tell you one thing here that the same chemical is behind the foul smell of rotten eggs. But it is not only sulfur in onions that is responsible for making you cry.

Onions also contain an enzyme called synthase. When onions are harvested, synthase reacts with sulfur and forms a chemical compound called syn-Propanethial S-oxide.

This compound is unstable and produces a gas that triggers the tear glands (also called lacrimal glands) to produce tears.

By the way, this pungent smell is a kind of defense mechanism. Which nature has given to protect plants like onions and garlic from animals etc.

Avoid the tears coming from your eyes

  1. While cutting the onion, heat the knife and then cut the onion, tears will not come. By the way, let me tell you one thing that sometimes it doesn’t even work, so don’t start blaming me.
  2. Let the onion soak in water for a while, it reduces the intensity of its chemical slightly.
  3. Keep the onion in the fridge for a while, when it cools down a bit, its intensity reduces to a great extent. It works, I’ve tried it.
  4. Asking someone else to chop the onion also works. This will not bring you tears at all.
  5. It can also be avoided by wearing a helmet or wearing glasses that cover the eyes completely. This always works.

No matter how big the onion may be, but that stone also makes the heart cry, that’s why respect it. And go chop the onion.

Some facts Related to it

Bermuda onions are large and flat, with a white or yellow color and a mild flavor.

Spanish onions are large, sweet and juicy, ranging in color from yellow to red. They have a mild flavor, and they are used raw and sliced ​​and used as a garnish for salads and sandwiches.

Italian onions are flat and red, white or yellow in color and often have a mild, sweet flavor. They are used raw for salads and sandwiches, and their outer rings make an attractive garnish.

Shallots are a small, angular variety of onion. They are usually white with brown or red skin and are mildly flavored. Green leaves can also be eaten.

Spring onions are small white onions that are only about 25 to 38 mm (1 and 1.5 in) in diameter when they are pulled from the ground; And the top is sometimes left attached. They are used to flavor foods with a fairly delicate flavor, such as omelets and other egg dishes, sauces, and peas. They are also served boiled or baked.

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