In this article titled One day Prime Minister and many dreams, we will try to do a reality check that if someone becomes the Prime Minister for one day, then what everyone can do.

Prime Minister is the most important political post in our country but it is very difficult to reach there. In such a situation, whether we become Prime Minister or not, but in our imaginary world, we definitely keep thinking that,

If we become the Prime Minister then we will do this, will do that, will improve it, we will finish it etc. If you have ever thought like this, then let’s read this article. ๐Ÿ”ฎ Cool Facts

One day prime minister

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What will you do if you become prime minister for one day?

Often whenever such questions are asked to people, people start diving into the world of pleasant fantasies and then do they do good deeds.

Hearing someone’s answer, it seems as if they will eradicate all the evils from the earth in a single day. As soon as such questions arise, everyone thinks that I should put some such work in front of the people that people should be forced to think that how well this person thinks about the country.

Well it is a good thing that people have a good idea about the country, but the reality is very different from the fantasy world.

This comes to us when we understand how things work in practical terms. Let us then examine it that if there is a chance to become the Prime Minister for one day, what can be done?

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If he becomes the Prime Minister first, then he will do something. So the question comes that how can one become prime minister for one day?

There can be many ways to do this, but let’s say there was another prime minister now and you are going to be the prime minister in his place for a day.

Obviously, for this he will resign from his post or he may die. According to our present constitutional system , as soon as the Prime Minister is removed from his post, the entire government falls. Or rather, the Lok Sabha is dissolved, the cabinet is dissolved.

There is a system in India that even if you are not an MP of Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha, but if you have the qualification, you can still become the Prime Minister, that too for 6 months. So it is that if the majority party supports you for one day, then you will become the Prime Minister.

Now let’s assume that you have been supported by a majority party and you have also elected your cabinet. Someday at 10 o’clock the President also administered the oath to you and your cabinet .

Now with taking oath, you got all the powers of the post of Prime Minister and you will remain in the post of Prime Minister till 10 o’clock the next day. That means now your one day countdown has started.

You will spend some time in completing some formalities after taking oath . This time can range from a few minutes to a few hours. Let’s say your 1 hour went into this

You are an ordinary citizen ; You don’t know anything about how the Prime Minister’s post works. But let’s assume that the cabinet secretary or other secretary will help you in this work. Still, it will take some time for you to understand things.

โ—ผNow since you have become the new Prime Minister, that too in someone’s place; The President can ask you to prove majority in the House.

โ—ผSince you have only one day; The President can ask you to prove majority on the same day. Because Parliament will not function in the night and you will be the Prime Minister only till 10 o’clock on the second day.

It may take you a few hours to prove your majority . If this happens, then many of your hours will go by like this. If you have ever seen this on Lok Sabha TV then you will understand how much time it takes.

Apart from this, the President can address a joint session of Parliament if he so desires. Because the President does this when he becomes the new Prime Minister. If this happens, then an hour or two will be gone for you.

If you have retired from all this, then now it will be very difficult for you to do such work, which requires a separate act or law or amendment in the existing law.

For example, suppose you want to control the population, now one of your orders will not control the population. For that you will have to bring a law or some amendment may have to be made in the existing law as well.

Any law is presented in the form of a bill in the Parliament. And he has to get the President’s signature-stamped after getting it passed by the Parliament, only then it becomes an Act.

Now if you have got a day, the first thing is how will you draft that bill, because drafting is not a left-handed game.

Even if you assume that you have very capable officers who prepare the draft of the bill in just a few hours, even then a few hours will be spent in preparing the draft.

If 3 – 4 hours have gone into it, then understand that by then the time of the House will come to be over. But let us assume that you have increased the time of the House. Yet the process of making laws in Parliament is so complex that it is not easy to get it passed by both the Houses on the same day.

Even if you assume that you are Amit Shah and get the law passed by both the houses in a single day, even then it will have to be sent to the President.

Now what is the guarantee that the President will approve it on the same day? Can’t give and you can’t even do anything about it.

And if suppose that law has to be passed by the state legislature also, then forget that that law will be passed.

Even if you want to bring an ordinance, it is very difficult to make it in just a few hours and get approval from the President. Anyway, you cannot bring an ordinance if the Parliament is in session.

That is why it is said that it is going to be very difficult to make any social change by bringing a new act. Although it is not impossible, but obviously you would like to do some work by staying within the constitutional framework.

Even if in some way you have brought an act, there is no guarantee that the Protest will not start on it. Or let no pressure group challenge that law in the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court should not dismiss it as an attack on the basic structure of the Constitution. Anything can happen.

So it is going to be very difficult for those people who want to do a lot of revolutionary work in just one day.

Of course then there will be night too. You may take a decision in the night but who will help in implementing it. What is the guarantee that he will wake up at night and work for you?

Because he also knows that you are the Prime Minister only for one day, even if he will do everything for you, there is no guarantee that the new Prime Minister will not change that decision.

And you are not the hero of the NAYAK movie that keep the rules on hold, but you will do all the work yourself as soon as possible. You will definitely do some work, but many revolutionary works can be possible only as an exception.

Then the question comes, what can we do?

Let’s see what can be done.

There is a provision in many laws that if the executive wants, keeping in view the situation and need, some rules and statutes can be made under that law. Some things can be done with the help of this.

Like you can say that it will be a social responsibility of every person to plant 2 trees. It is also an order in a way and also to make people aware of its social responsibility. That’s why people will listen to you even after you leave the post of Prime Minister; It’s more likely.

Anything can be done by order of the President. As Article 35A came only by order of the President. But obviously it is not that easy either.

You can highlight the shortcomings of the current laws and place their alternative in front of the public. So that even after leaving the post of your Prime Minister, the public should request or protest against the new government.

You can prepare a good speech and put it in front of the whole global society. So that even after you are gone, people will think about it and try to implement it. You can present 10 point or 20 point program in the interest of the country. Which is very necessary to do.

What kind of person are you, what is your attitude, what are your abilities, what are your abilities; You can put these in front of people so that people can see a potential prime minister in you.

Overall, there is a possibility to do something new, to do something creative, it depends on how much you understand the polity and the constitution. You will be able to get the right understanding of the polity only when you know the basics of the constitution.

If you want to understand the basics of the constitution, then from my site you can start from the very beginning. This will make your understanding of polity clear. And next time you’ll stop yourself from talking in the air.

Note โ€“ Due to the limitation of words, I have touched on only a few aspects of it. Apart from this, there can be many other possibilities.


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