Nanotechnology is called the technology of the future because this single field has so much potential that it can decide the future direction and condition.

In this article, we will discuss nanotechnology in a simple and easy way and try to understand its application, so read the article till the end;


What is Nanotechnology?ย 

Before knowing nanotechnology, it is important to know nano, nano means 10 -9 meters i.e. 1 billionth of a meter.

The study, application and related techniques of the same size of matter are called nanotechnology or technology. 

During the study, scientists found that at the nano level of many substances, there is a qualitative difference along with size difference. 

What does it mean – Let us understand it with an example. Gold is considered an inert metal i.e. it does not participate in any chemical reaction,

But at the nano level, it plays the role of an ideal catalyst. That is, it accelerates or slows down a chemical reaction. Isn’t it interesting!

The use of nanotechnology greatly increases the behavior of an object and the ability to react chemically and the quality of the substance. Its similar properties have made it a major topic of research today. And it has compelled scientists to discover the unlimited possibilities hidden in it.

If I give an example of what nanotechnology can do, imagine if you have a knife and you just need a plate,

You just gave a command and it turned into a plate. You need a mobile stand, so it turns into that.

You can mold it according to the need in so many things like this. Although humans are still far away from this type of technology, but not so far that they cannot be reached there. 

applications of nanotechnology

carbon nano tube 

These are extended tubules of heat-pressedย grapheneย layers.ย (Graphene is an allotrope or allotrope of carbon that occurs as a single layer of atoms in a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice with each atom forming a vertex.)ย ย 


Due to its physical and chemical characteristics, despite being harder than diamond, it is extremely flexible, as well as a good conductor of electricity. Graphene is now used as a touch screen and bullet proof jacket. 

nano robots

Nano robots are very small particle robots of 0.5 to 3 micrometers which are made of such parts, whose size ranges from 1 to 100 nano meters.

In this, electronic chips are made using nano tubes of carbon. These robots can be easily injected into the blood vessels etc inside the body.

The advantage of these nano robots will be that without the use of any antibiotic, germs can be got rid of. 

Such nano robots can also increase the general immunity of the body. As soon as any unwanted germ enters from outside, then such nano robots will be able to eliminate its effect. 

Imagine if you had a mouthwash with nanotechnology, you would just take it in your mouth and they would not only destroy the pathogenic bacteria using nano robots, but on the other hand would also keep harmless and normal bacteria without harming them. . 

nano medicine

Nanotechnology can be used to improve human health. These drugs can strike only on their target, it will have no effect on other organs. 

Such creams have also been tested which contain nano robots. With the help of nano robots present in this cream, the substances that give good beauty to the skin can be removed by removing dead and damaged skin, pimples and waste products.

In this way, in the future, make-up materials will also be able to be produced through nanotechnology. At present, the most important use of nanomedicine is for the treatment of cancer.

Use of nanotechnology in cancer treatment

Nanotechnology may prove to be ideal in the diagnosis of cancer disease with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can be used through this.

Through this, the dose of focused and controlled chemotherapy can be given to the patient. This dose can be given according to the stamina of the person, considering the mental and physical capacity, so that treatment can be possible without harming the healthy cells.

quantum dots

When the semiconductor particles are reduced to a smaller size, the quantum effect occurs in them. Due to this the energy is limited and the electron and the same amount of free space remain in the particle. 

In this way, by simply controlling the size, particles can be created that can absorb specific wavelengths of light. 


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