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free websites for video editing

Listing of Free websites for video editing

Internet has made a lot easier. Take video editing only, now this work can be done even without software. There are many such websites available on the internet from where we can do professional level video editing.

But the problem that comes before us is that there are crores of sites available on the internet and usually only a few of them are familiar with the websites, so we miss out on many good websites.

You should not be deprived of it, that’s why today we are going to talk in this article about some similar free websites for video editing . So let’s know about these websites one by one. Links of all the websites have been given so that you can access them easily.

Online Video Editor: Kapwing

It is a web based online video editor. That’s why you don’t need to install any app.

Just on this website you can edit any video up to 500 MB and up to 7 minutes for free. Its special thing is that from here you can also directly edit the video of platforms like youtube and facebook, just paste its link here and get started.

There are also some such features here for which we have to download heavy software and also have to pay some money, but here you can do the same work for free. However, for videos of more than 7 minutes, you may have to pay around Rs 1200 per month.

Talking about its features, the following features can be mentioned-

  • change aspect ratio, crop video
  • audio mixing
  • video mixing
  • add element like – square, circle, emoji, shapes etc
  • recording facility etc

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FlexClip video editor

This site is special in that it has tons of pre-designed templates. If you do not know graphic designing and do not want to get involved in heavy software then this is for you,

Just choose the template of your choice and copy paste that means, according to you, put the line or image you want to put in that video and download the video.

In this you will get to put in tons of music videos for free. You will get lots of images for free. It is very easy to customize it.

Although it is not completely free, it may cost you some to use all its templates and features, but its free version is also good, just you will see a few seconds intro of Flexclip at the beginning of the video.

There is no need to worry too much because from the site I am giving below, you can remove that initial intro and that’s it, your video is ready. Talking about its specialty, the following features can be counted –

  • you can add dynamic text design
  • various overlays design
  • various types of element available like – social media, business, shapes, emoji, arrow, birthday and more
  • change background with stock video
  • add custom or stock music in video
  • music editing tool
  • add watermark
  • choose aspect ratio like 16;9, 4:3 etc
  • various filter preset and custom preset tool like brightness, contrast, tint, exposure and temprature
  • you can change your video speed as you wish

Invideo Online Video Editor – This also works in a similar way, so there is nothing special to tell about it. You can use whichever of the two you like.

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Online video editor tools

Some video and audio tools are being given here, all of them are lightweight and fast. It can be used for small tasks.

Audio Cutter – With its help you can trim audio. Audio Joiner
–  With its help, you can compile audio. Audio Converter  – With its help, audio can be converted into various file formats. Video Converter  – With the help of this video can be converted into various file formats. Video Cutter –  With its help, you can trim the video. Video Recorder  – With the help of this video can be recorded. Voice Recorder  – With its help voice can be recorded. Archive Extractor –  With its help you can extract files like zip.

Free Online Video Maker From Photos – From here you can make video from photo for free and apart from this many more tools will be found on this same page which can be used for video editing.

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ClipChamp – A well-known free online video editing tool, it also offers a video compressor, converter and webcam recorder. The best part is that these simple drag and drop features allow you to trim, crop and rotate.

Apart from this, it is also possible to adjust brightness, saturation and contrast easily. You can also add transitions, text, overlays, backgrounds. There is a stock library that provides both paid and free video and audio files.

However, you must first sign up with your Google account or Facebook account before using this all-in-one online video editor. And the free version is limited to export at 480p SD resolution without watermark.

Wideo – This is also a good online video making site designed for creating animated videos and other marketing videos with lots of video templates.

is that it allows you to choose video aspect ratios such as 16:9, 1:1, and 9;16, and there are a lot of video templates available, though most of them require paying for. The price for payments ranges from $19 per month to $79 per month.

PowToon – If you need a video that acts as a guide of sorts, PowToon is definitely the website you’ll want to use.

You need to sign in to use it online, and it offers templates for a variety of videos, such as marketing videos, infographic videos, video ads and presentations.

You can also manage aspect ratio. However, its drawback is the watermark. You will have to upgrade to remove this watermark.

Bonus sites – Magisto , Hippo Video , Kizoa and Video Toolbox

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