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Mind Opener Puzzles

| 30+ Mind Opener Puzzles

puzzle 1
You have a rope, which when lit, will burn to ashes in a minute. You are standing at a railway station. The station master is not there and the train is about to arrive and after exactly 30 seconds the train has to be signaled, but you do not have a watch. All you have is a rope and a match. Tell me, how will you give a signal by measuring the time of 30 seconds?
puzzle 2
You are driving a bus which has 50 seats in total, you are carrying 18 men. As soon as you stop at the first stop, 25 people get in and 3 people get down. At the next stop 10 men get up again but 1 man has to get down because the seat is not vacant? How did this happen?
puzzle 3
A bottle is filled with two and a half kilograms of honey . When honey is half full, it weighs 1500 grams. What is the weight of the empty bottle?
puzzle 4
Two houses are on fire. One is the house of the poor and one is the house of the rich. There is nothing in the poor, if we talk about the house of the rich, then valuable things are filled in it.
The rich’s house is at a short distance from the police station while the poor’s house is far away. So tell me, whose house will the police put out the fire first?
puzzle 5
It takes 8 days for four people to dig a pit, then how long will it take 8 people to dig the same pit?
puzzle 6
King Gupteshwar decided to build a wall to protect his kingdom from enemy attacks. The wall was to be 10 meters thick and 20 meters high. The length of the country’s border is 1350 km. If a cubic meter of stone weighs about 3000 kg, how heavy will the earth become by building this wall?

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puzzle 7
Suppose you have 28 apples. Your friend Monica takes 6 from you and gives you 4. You leave 14 but take 8. From there Bhima comes, takes 8 from it and gives 10. You take two from Monika and give 6 more to Bhima in exchange for the apple. You give those 6 to Monica and she gives you two apples and two oranges. From there Fiza comes and she takes the apple which Monica gave you and in return she gives you two pears. You give Bhima a pear instead of an apple. Fiza then takes two apples from Monica, gives it to Bhim for two oranges, and gives you two oranges for two apples. Now tell me how many pears do you have?
puzzle 8
Two fathers and two sons went hunting. Together they killed 3 animals, but when they came home, everyone had one animal each. How could this happen.
riddle 9
I tell you, suppose if a giraffe has two eyes, a monkey has two eyes and an elephant has two eyes, how many eyes do we have now?
puzzle 10
A hare while going towards the river saw 6 elephants. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards the river. Every monkey has a tortoise in his hand. How many creatures are going towards the river?

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riddle 11
They live in the night but if you look during the day they disappear. While it has not been stolen nor has it been lost anywhere. What is that?
riddle 12
A man is murdered in an office. There is blood on the floor all around. At the same time, there is a calendar lying near the corpse in which it is written with blood 6, 4, 9, 10, 11. Who is the killer?
puzzle 13
There are three boxes on a table. One box contains gold and the other two are empty. Each box contains a message. One of these messages is true and the other two lies. When the first box is opened there is a message saying ‘gold is not here’. The second box says ‘gold is not here’. The third box says ‘Gold is in the second box’. Which box contains gold?
puzzle 14
The black thing you buy from the market, it turns red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?
riddle 15
What is two days before the day after the day after tomorrow?

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puzzle 16
Only one word is to be filled in all the boxes.
The poor have ………… .
The rich want ………….. .
If you eat ……….., you will die.
riddle 17
How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?
riddle 18
There are eleven children in a teacher’s class. He has a bowl of eleven apples. Now the teacher wants to distribute eleven apples among the children in such a way that one apple remains in his bowl. How can that teacher do this?
riddle 19
There were three men on a boat, which was stranded a mile from the shore. A man was afraid of sharks. The other could not swim. And the last one did not have a life jacket. However, they reached the shore without any trouble. How did they do it?
riddle 20
In a city, the telephone number of 5% of all the persons in the city is not listed. If you randomly select 1000 names from the phone directory of that city, how many of those selected have telephone numbers as unlisted phone numbers?

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riddle 21
Brothers and sisters, I have none. But that man’s father is my father’s son’. So
how are I and the man related respectively?
riddle 22
There are only two barbers in the city. One of them has his hair neatly cut. The other’s hair is completely messed up. Which of the two barbers would you go to and why?
riddle 23
If a siren sounds every 5 seconds, how many times in an hour?
riddle 24
It’s 3 in the morning, you’re sleeping and you hear the doorbell. It’s your parents who brought you a box of strawberry jam and a box of honey, along with bread and cheese. What will you open first?
puzzle 25
 A man and his son have been injured in a horrific accident and have been taken to a hospital in critical care. The doctor looks at the boy and says, “I can’t operate on this boy, it’s my son!” How is this possible?

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riddle 26
I come in a variety of colors and sizes. Some parts of me are curvy, some are straight. You can place me anywhere you like but there is only one right place for me. You can’t keep me anywhere else, what am I?
riddle 27
Which question can you never answer ‘yes’ to?
riddle 28
When in life should you stop at the green and go to the red?
riddle 29
I can be tall, or I can be short. I can be raised, and I can be bought. I can be painted, or left bare. I can be round or square, what am I?
riddle 30
A woman had two girls who were born at the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins. How could this happen?

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riddle 31
A girl found that she had a 56 cm strip of ribbon. She could cut one centimeter every second. How long will it take her to cut 56 pieces? She can neither fold the bandage nor can stack two or more strips and cut them together.
riddle 32
Vinod had twenty one chickens, except eleven all died, how many chickens were left with Vinod?

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| Mind Opener Puzzles Answer

To measure 30 seconds will burn the rope from both ends simultaneously. Since the rope burns completely in one minute, therefore, if both ends are lit simultaneously, the rope will burn completely in 30 seconds.
Because there are 50 total seats, and the driver’s seat also comes in it.
500 grams; Because when the honey is half full, the whole bottle including the honey weighs 1500 g (1.5 kg). In such a situation, when it is completely filled, it should be 3 kg. Out of that 2.5 kg is only honey ie 500 gm is the weight of the bottle.
The police do not put out the fire; That’s why police won’t go anywhere.
The pit is already dug, so there is no need to dig it now.
Since the stones are coming from the earth itself; That’s why building such a big wall certainly wouldn’t change the mass of the earth. It’s a matter of common sense.
Not even one. That’s because Fiza gave you pears instead of apples that Monica gave you. And you gave that pear to Bhima instead of apple. Overall, if you look at the whole matter, you will know that you do not have pears left with you.
One of the ‘fathers’ is also a grandfather. That is, here there is a grandfather, his son and then his son. In other words, there is a father, both a son and a father.
4 eyes. Here in the question it is asked how many eyes we have i.e. here the person asking the question also includes the person who is going to answer. Altogether, the conversation is taking place between 2 people, the first one asking the question and the second one being asked, which means there are 4 eyes.
If you understand properly, the overall situation is like this; 1 Rabbit + 2 Monkey + 2 Tortoise = 5
stars; Because the stars remain in the night but are not visible in the day when they are there.
It may happen that before dying, that man has marked the month in the calendar with the help of numbers. That is, 6 – June – J 4 – April – A 9 – September – S 10 – October – O 11 – November – N If you see in this way then the killer will be JASON
As mentioned in two boxes false message is written in only one message is true then third one says gold is in second box, if it is to be true, first box message will also become true. So gold cannot be in second and third box. That is, there is gold in the first box.
It is charcoal that turns black when bought or not used. When used, it becomes red in appearance i.e. while burning. and eventually when it is consumed by fire or after being burnt or used, turns into ash which looks brown in colour.
Only 1 time, that’s because when you first subtract 10 from 100, 90 is left.
Ten children will get one apple each. The eleventh child will get the apple along with the bowl.
Because he was on the land far from the shore, he had not yet gone into the water.
Not even one because if its name is in the phone directory it means it is listed.
That man is my son.
The barber who has a messy hair, because it shows that he must have made the hair of another barber which is neatly cut while the same barber did not cut this barber’s hair properly, that’s why his Hair is messy.
721 times because there are 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. This means that the siren will sound 12 times every minute. Accordingly, it will play 720 times in an hour. But since a siren will sound at the last second, it will sound 721 times in total.
Your eyes because without opening your eyes you cannot open any other box.
Because the doctor is the boy’s mother.
1000 kmsJig saw puzzle pieces Because it comes in different colors and sizes, you can place it in any place you like but it will not fit anywhere except where it should be placed.
Are you dead? Or did you fall asleep?
Watermelon because you cannot eat its green part, so stop but as soon as the red part comes, start.
Because that month she gave birth to three children together
The sum of three numbers should be 48 × 3 = 144. The sum of two numbers shouldTo get 56 pieces, the girl has to make only 55 cuts. That is, she can cut 56 pieces in 55 seconds. After getting 54 pieces, he will have a piece 2 cm long. She can cut it in two with just one cut in 1 second. Hence, 55 seconds total. be 56 × 2 = 112. Therefore, 144 – 112 = 32;

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