This article is a compilation of many MInd game questions, that is, mind-blowing puzzles , whose answer you will find at the bottom of this article.

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| Hand-Picked Mind Game Questions

Puzzle 1
A motorcycle-riding father and son get into an accident. Two different ambulances take him to different hospitals. When the son was taken to the operation theatre, the doctor said that I cannot operate because it is my son. How is this possible?
Puzzle 2
The more you move forward, the more you are left behind, tell me what is that?
Puzzle 3
A man was driving a truck. He had not even lit the light of the truck and the moon was not even out. A woman was crossing the road in front, how did he see that woman?
Puzzle 4
Chinki’s father has five children, Nana, Naini, Nini, Nono, what is the name of the fifth child?
Puzzle 5
What is it that comes with the train, goes with the train; He is of no use to the train, yet the train cannot run without him?

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Puzzle 6
 A man used to deposit ₹1 on his every birthday. When he counted the money on his 60th birthday, it was only ₹15. Why so?
Puzzle 7
Whose weight would be more, a kilo feather or a kilo stone?
Puzzle 8
Arun is Tina’s father. So Arun is Tina’s father’s …………. .
Puzzle 9
What is it that has one eye, yet cannot see?
Puzzle 10
If 2+6+10+24+18+12+26+30+34+38=200, then select 5 such numbers from these whose total sum is 100,

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Puzzle 11
There is no such place in the world; where I can’t go I can go to every country in the world, just keep myself in a corner, tell me who am I?
Puzzle 12
What is it that has four fingers and one thumb, but does not have life?
Puzzle 13
Two sons and two fathers went to see the Circus.  He had only three tickets, yet everyone saw the circus, but how?
Puzzle 14
Three hens lay three eggs in three days, then how many eggs will 300 hens lay in 300 days?
Puzzle 15
Which room is that? In which there is no door, no window, and no one can go inside it?

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Puzzle 16
What is the place where most of the stories come together?
Puzzle 17
What is such a thing, that on drinking water it dies?
Puzzle 18
I have lakes, rivers, but no fish. I have roads but no car. tell me who am i?
Puzzle 19
A person shaves several times a day, yet he has a beard. who is that person?
Puzzle 20
A man sits in his cabin in Delhi. When he leaves his cabin two hours later, he remains in Mumbai. How is this possible? 

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Puzzle 21
What will come if you add the numbers from 1 to 100?
Puzzle 22
The square root of half of the total bees died. Then 8/9 of the total group of bees flew away and went somewhere else. A bee got trapped inside the lotus flower, searching for which another bee came there. Now you have to tell how many bees were there in total?
Puzzle 23
Raj is looking at Simran. Simran is looking at Rahul. Raj is married, but Rahul is not, and we don’t know whether Simran is married or not. So is here a married man looking at an unmarried man?
Puzzle 24
You are at a crossroads in the road, from there a path leads to a town where all the people lie. And the other way leads to the city where everyone speaks the truth. You have to go to the City of Truth but you have no idea which way leads to the City of Truth. By chance you meet a man at the same crossroads who is a resident of either of the two cities. What questions will you ask him so that you can know which is the way to the city of truth.
Puzzle 25
Suman and Lalita decided to play tennis against each other. He bet 100 rupees on each game played. Suman won three bets and Lalita won Rs.500. How many games did he play?

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| Answer of Mind Game Questions

The doctor is the boy’s mother.
Because it was the time of day
Because his birthday was on 29th February
Both had the same weight
Postage Stamp
Because they were the only three, grandfather, father and grandson
30,000 eggs
that person is a pilot
If you add its first digit and last digit then (1+100) will be 101, if you add its second digit and last digit (2+99) then still 101 will come. And it will go on like this and you will get to see 50 pairs in total. By multiplying this 50 by 101, we will get our answer which will be 5050.
Yes. If let’s say Simran is married, then she is married and is seeing Rahul, who is unmarried. If Simran is unmarried, then Raj, who is married, is watching her. Either way, this statement is true.
You would ask him “Which direction do you live in?” If that man is from the city of lies, he will lie and point you to the city of truth. And on the other hand, if that person is from the city of truth, then he will point you to the city of truth. In both cases you will go on the path of truth.
Eleven. Since Lalita had lost three games to Suman, she had a loss of Rs 300 (Rs 100 per game). So, he had to win back that 300 rupees with three more games, then five more games to win 500 rupees.

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