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madhubani painting
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Indian painting has a very long tradition and history in Indian art, although very few early examples survive due to climatic conditions. But if we look at those that have survived, it is found that some examples of paintings are more than 10,000 years old, such as the cave paintings of Bhimbetka .

Over time, hundreds of paintings developed in India, some of which were destroyed and some are still practiced today. Many of these are regional or rural paintings,

Such as Pattachitra painting (which is done on cloth in Orissa, Bengal), Madhubani painting (which we are going to talk about in this article), Kalamkari painting (hand painting on cotton cloth, which is done in Andhra Pradesh), and Mandana painting (which is practiced in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, it is made on the wall and ground) etc.

What is Madhubani painting? 

Madhubani painting is a folk art which originated from Madhubani district of Mithila region of Bihar. The history of this painting is very ancient, it is believed that it was made by women artists at the time of Ram-Sita marriage.

Women have played a major role in preserving this painting, even today it is mostly made by women. Its many forms are prevalent in every household and even today it is made on various occasions.

Madhubani painting was initially made by different sects and the paintings created were divided into five styles, namely Tantrik, Kohbar, Bharni, Katchan, and Tattoo.

In the present time, almost all the styles have merged with each other. Contemporary artists are trying to bring more innovation in it, so now it is made on wall, canvas, handmade, paper and also on cloth.

Two forms of Madhubani painting are prevalent, (1) mural painting and (2) aripan .

(1) murals

There is a tradition of Madhubani painting usually being made on the walls. However, this tradition is slowly dying out, as it used to be built on mud walls and is no longer commonly made on plastered walls.

The murals are generally depicted in three forms.
1. Decoration of Gosni Ghar (House of Worship),
2. Decoration of Kohbar Ghar (House of married couples),
3. Decoration of exterior walls of the house.

The pictures made in the Gosni Ghar (House of Worship) are of religious importance.  

The paintings made in the Kohbar house are of sensual nature, in which Kamadeva, Rati and Yakshinis are depicted.

The outer walls of the house including the inner walls of the house are also decorated in special events such as marriage, mundan or upanayan etc.

Pictures of animals, birds, animals, and different types of plants are made to prepare the background of the pictures.

(2) Aripan

Another form of Madhubani art is Aripan Chitra. These are the paintings to be built on the ground in the courtyard and in front of the door frame. Women make it with their hands and fingers by grinding rice and adding color to it as needed.

The pictures to be made in it are as follows.
1. Pictures of Gods and Goddesses
2. Pictures based on Tantric symbols
3. Pictures depicting humans and animals and birds
4. Swastika, Om etc. Figure
5. Pictures of flowers, trees and fruits.

current scenario

In today’s time, the trend of painting on cloth and paper has also increased for the purpose of making this art accessible to more and more people. The place of the fingers has now been taken by the brush.

The colors used in these paintings are mostly made from vegetable and household items, such as turmeric, banana leaves, peepal bark, etc. However, now synthetic dyes are also used. Most of the colors used in this painting are green, yellow, blue, saffron, red, purple etc.

At present, the popularity of this art is increasing greatly at the national and international level, many new artists are being trained to preserve and innovate in this art.

For this many training and sales centers have been established. Continuous exhibitions are being organized at national and international level every day.

How is Madhubani painting made?

Madhubani painting has gained a lot of fame due to its different styles, patterns and beautiful natural colors, so learning it is now also a medium of employment. You can learn how to make it in the PDF below;

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