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20+ Mind blowing logical puzzles with answers

Puzzle 1
Which word is made up of five alphabets of English, whose first two words are removed to get one?
Puzzle 2
A child fell from a ladder 30 meters high, but was not hurt. Tell me how was this possible?
Puzzle 3
What is that one thing you have that you can’t live without for even five minutes and that thing is lighter than cotton?
Puzzle 4
What can be those three numbers, whose addition or multiplication will result in the same total?
Puzzle 5
When I was 2 years old, my sister was half my age. Now I am 100 years old, so what is the present age of my sister?

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Puzzle 6
What is that thing that always increases and never decreases?
Puzzle 7
There were 23 big fish and 27 small fish in a pond, if 12 of them die how many fish will be left in the pond.
Puzzle 8
What is that thing that has both a head and a tail, but does not have a body?
Puzzle 9
Quickly tell how many times 10 can be subtracted from 100.
Puzzle 10
What is it that looks like a half-cut apple?

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Puzzle 11
Which was the highest peak in the world before the discovery of Mount Everest?
Puzzle 12
Four girls were sitting together, in a basket kept beside them 4 apples were kept. All four took an apple each. Still an apple was left in the basket, tell me how it is possible.
Puzzle 13
What is that thing, which has neither flesh, nor wings, nor bones, yet it has fingers and thumb.
Puzzle 14
What is the place on earth where the wind always blows from the south?
Puzzle 15
When Sonu was 9 years old, he had put a mark on the tree up to his length. When he returned after 10 years; So where will he get that mark, if the tree grows at the rate of 4 inches per year?

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Puzzle 16
‘B’ is the grandson of ‘A’, but ‘B’ is not the grandfather of ‘A’. why so?
Puzzle 17
Three men went to pluck mangoes from another’s garden. The first keeps watch and the second person plucks the mangoes and the third picks the mangoes.
The first person, seeing someone coming, takes three parts of the plucked mangoes and takes away his share. The other person also triples the mangoes but one mango is extra. He takes that extra mango with his share. The third person takes the remaining mangoes, but when all three meet, everyone gets an equal share of mangoes. How many mangoes were there in total?
Puzzle 18
18 buffaloes are to be divided among three brothers in such a way that the first gets 1/2 share,
The second got 1/3 share and the third got 1/6. How many buffaloes will each get?
Puzzle 19
Suppose 7 monkeys eat 7 bananas in 7 minutes. Now tell in how many minutes 2 monkeys will eat 2 bananas and how many monkeys will eat 63 bananas in 63 minutes?
Puzzle 20
A horse is tied with a rope of 15 feet but it eats dry grass kept at a distance of 25 feet with pleasure. How is it possible?
Puzzle 21
To a prisoner sentenced to death, the judge said, “Your sentence may be pardoned, but a game has to be won.”
As per the rules, 50 small white and 50 black stones were given to the prisoner, which has to be filled in two bowls somehow.
Now his eyes will be blindfolded and the position of the bowls will be changed.
The prisoner has to choose a bowl and pick up a stone from it. If that stone turns out to be white, then his life will be saved, otherwise he will get death.
How will he fill the stones so that his chances of survival are maximum?
Puzzle 22
A farmer wants to cross a river and takes with him a wolf, a goat and a cabbage. He has a boat, but he can only carry one thing across at a time.
In such a situation, the problem is that if the farmer takes the cabbage with him, then the wolf and the goat will be alone on one side, and the wolf will eat the goat. Similarly, if the goat and cabbage are alone on the shore, the goat will eat the cabbage. How can the farmer bring the wolf, goat and cabbage across the river without eating anything?

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| logical puzzles answer

Stone etc.
Because he fell from the bottom stairs.
Your breath
99 Years
50, Because dead fishes are also fish.
once, Because after that no 100 will be exist.
halved apple
Mount Everest was the highest peak. Obviously, if something has not been discovered, it does not mean that it is not there.
Because one picked up the apple with the basket.
North Pole
Mark will remain in place.
Because ‘B’ is the grandmother of ‘A’
There were 6 mangoes in total.
9 to the first, 6 to the second and 3 buffalo to the third.
2 monkeys will eat 2 bananas in 7 minutes and 7 monkeys will eat 63 bananas in 63 minutes.
Because the rope is not tied to any peg.
He will fill only one white stone in one bowl and the remaining stones (49 white + 50 black) in another bowl. Now if he chooses the bowl that is white then there is a 100% chance of survival, and if he chooses the second bowl also there will be a 50% chance of survival.
First, the farmer crosses the goat. The farmer returns alone and then takes the wolf, but returns with the goat. The farmer then takes the cabbage across, leaves it with the wolf (since wolves don’t eat cabbage) and returns alone to pick up the goat. In this way the farmer makes everyone cross the river.

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