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| logical paheli with answer

puzzle 1
You are given 5 sacks full of coins and are told that four of these sacks contain only fake coins, which look exactly like real ones.
But only one sack contains real coins. Each counterfeit coin weighs 10 grams, while each genuine coin weighs 10.1 grams.
Now you are given a set of scales and weights and are asked to weigh only once and find the sack containing the original coins. Tell me how will you find right one?
puzzle 2
Suppose A’s wife is B, B’s sister-in-law C, C’s daughter V, V’s grandfather G, G’s wife K, K’s daughter T, then what is the relationship between A and T?
puzzle 3
The owner of a spice shop is wearing shoes numbered 7. And his own height is also 5 feet 7 inches. He also has a weighing scale which is only 7 years old, so what will he weigh in the weighing scales?
puzzle 4
A person has a habit of wearing new washed shirts every day. He leaves every Monday to wash his clothes, and takes it back the next week. You have to tell me how many shirts he should have at least?
puzzle 5
You have two ropes. On burning each one, it burns for 1 minute. It burns to ashes in exactly a minute. You also have a match. Now if you want to measure 45 seconds, how will you measure it?

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puzzle 6
Once upon a time Radha and Krishna were having fun. In this sequence, the necklace of Radha’s neck was broken and shattered. It was scattered in such a way that 63 pearls of that necklace fell on the bed, 27 pearls fell on her lap, 70 pearls were looted by Gwalin, half the pearls were scattered here and there, 1/9 of the pearls were broken and Krishna stole 1/5 parts silently and kept it with him, now you have to tell how many pearls were in that necklace.
Paheli 7
A merchant had three sons. None of the sons was interested in business. The whole business was handled by his manager. Unfortunately one day the merchant fell ill and there was no chance of his survival, so he wrote a will and he wrote half of all his property in the name of his eldest son. Half of the remaining property was written in the name of his middle son and half of the remaining half in the name of his younger son.
After death, all the sons shared their respective shares, but at one place, the shape got stuck in a dilemma. It happened that his father had left 7 horses, so the horse had to be cut in order to distribute it according to the will. No one was ready to compromise, he wanted everything exactly as his father had written in the will.
These people were very worried, could not understand what to do, then he saw a gentleman riding on a horse, the three brothers stopped him and told the whole story and said that now solve this matter. How do you think the passerby would have resolved this issue without cutting the horse?
Paheli 8
If five cats can catch five mice in five minutes, how long will it take for one cat to catch one mouse?
Paheli 9
Four people (Ram, Shyam, Baburao and Devi Prasad), want to cross a river in a boat but the boat can carry only 100 kg of weight at a time. Here Ram’s weight is 90 kg, Shyam’s weight is 80 kg, Baburao’s weight is 60 kg and Devi Prasad’s weight is 40 kg and he has 20 kg of other goods. Yet how do they cross?
Paheli 10
There is a barrel which does not have a lid and contains some wine. A woman says “this barrel of wine is more than half full,” while a man says. “It’s less than half full.” Without any measuring equipment and without taking any wine out of the barrel, how can they easily determine which one is right?
Paheli 11
After a long road, a truck driver stops in front of a tunnel. The condition of the tunnel was such that he could not proceed without seriously damaging his truck, as the height of the tunnel is 4.00 m, while the height of his truck is 4.02 m.
The driver wants to cross the tunnel under any circumstances as it will take him at least 5 hours to go the other way. Suddenly he has a great idea, he immediately starts doing some work and after 10 minutes he crosses the tunnel. What did the truck driver do?
Paheli 12
Hari’s age is three years more than four times Rakesh’s age. After five years, Hari’s age will be one year more than three times Rakesh’s age. What is Hari’s present age?
puzzle 13
If you were to pack 112 pairs of shoes in a box containing 28 shoes each, how many boxes would you need?

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Paheli 14
In a party of 35 people there are twice as many children as women, and twice as many children as men. So how many men, how many children and how many women are there in this party?
 Puzzle 15
Upon taking delivery of a consignment of eggs, the stall owners of the market were enraged to see that many of them had developed cracks. In fact, when they counted the eggs to assess the damage, they found that 72 had cracked, which was 12 per cent of the total consignment. How many eggs were there in the consignment?
puzzle 16
A factory was cutting a roll of cloth from a roll of 200 m into a length of 1 m. How long will the machine take to cut the roll if each cut takes 4 seconds?
Puzzle 17
A farmer asked his laborer to collect 896,809 apples and pack them in as few boxes as possible, each containing the same number of apples. How many boxes did he use?
puzzle 18
A driving school claims to have an average exam pass percentage of 76.8 percent. What is the minimum number of students required to get this result?

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puzzle 19
Suppose today is Thursday. What day of the week will be 19 days from today?
riddle 20
I am a cold man without a soul. I just love the cold. If I got the heat, it would slowly kill me. Then you won’t even see my body, what am I?

| Answer of paheli

Take out one coin from sack A, two coins from B, three coins from C, four coins from D and 5 coins from E. You will have 15 coins in total. Now if all of them weighed 150.1 grams when weighed, it means the real coins are in sack A. If all of them weighed 150.2 grams, it means the original coin is in sack B. If all of them weighed 150.3 grams, it means the original coin is in sack C. If all of them weighed 150.4 grams then it means real coin sack D and if all of them weigh 150.5 grams then it means real coins are in sack E.
A and T have brother-in-law relationship.
Masala will weigh.
eight shirts
Set one rope on fire simultaneously from both sides and simultaneously set fire to one part of the second rope with the same rope of the first. The first rope will burn to ashes in exactly 30 seconds. Because there is fire on both sides of it. At the same time, in exactly 30 seconds, the second rope will burn halfway. So as soon as it is half burnt, set fire to the other end of that rope as well. By doing this, the second rope will also burn in exactly 15 seconds. In this way the total will be 45 seconds.
There were a total of 900 beads in that necklace. You can remove it this way. Let the total number of pearls in that necklace be X. So in this way X = 63+37+70+x/2+x/9+x/5. When you take the value of X out of it, you will get 900.
That passerby had a horse, so first of all he gave his horse as a gift to all three of them. In this way, now he has a total of 8 horses. According to the will, the eldest son was to get half, so he got 4 horses. (4 horses left) The middle son had to get half of the remaining half, so he got 2 horses. (2 horses left) The youngest son was to get half of the remaining property, so he got 1 horse out of 2 horses. Altogether 4+2+1 =7 horses got all three and the same number of horses were left by his father. And that passerby took his horse and went on his journey.
five minutes
Since the weight of Baburao and Deviprasad together becomes 100 kg, they both leave first. Devi Prasad leaves Baburao and comes back again. Since Ram’s weight is 90 kg, he goes alone and from there Baburao comes again to this side with a boat. Again Baburao and Devi Prasad board the boat and go to the other side. From there again Devi Prasad comes alone with a boat and this time Shyam, whose weight is 80 kg, goes to the other side with 20 kg of extra baggage. Baburao is already on that side, so he again comes to this side with a boat and goes to that side with Devi Prasad, in this way everyone crosses the river.
Tilt the barrel until the wine barely touches the lip of the barrel. If the bottom of the barrel is visible, it is less than half full. If the bottom of the barrel is still completely covered with wine, it is more than half full.
The driver let out some air from the tyres.
Let the present age of Rakesh be X years. According to this, the present age of Hari will be (4X + 3) years. After 5 years, Rakesh’s age will be (X + 5) years and Hari’s age will be (4X + 8) years, but here it is said that after 5 years Hari’s age will be one year more than three times Rakesh’s age. Looking at this, the equation would be something like this; (4X + 8) = 3 * (X + 5) + 1 4X + 8 = 3X + 16 X = 8 So the present age of Hari will be 35 years.
8. Because 112 pair of shoes = 224 shoes. = 224 28 = 8.
5 men, 10 children and 20 women. Because if let x = number of males, then accordingly x + 2x + 4x = 35. i.e. 7x = 35. and X = 5. i.e. number of male is 5.
600. Because = 72/12 × 100 = 600.
It will take only 199 cuts to cut 200 m of cloth and not 200, you must have understood this, in this way the calculation will be something like this; 199 × 4 sec = 13.27 mins.
947 boxes containing 947 apples each. This is because = 947 × 947 apples. = 896,809.
125. Because 125 is the least number, 76.8% of it is 96.
Tuesday. Because there are 7 days in every week, that’s why after 7 days the same day will come and in the same way after 21 days the same day will come, so just 2 days before it will be Tuesday.
Snowman means a man made of snow, as long as it is snow, it looks like a man, as soon as the heat starts, it melts.

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