In this article, we will talk about a topic on which people do not even talk much- yes lipstick.

From China and Indus Valley Civilizations, the remains of lip-colouring items have been found, from this you can know how serious women were about their beauty even thousands of years ago.

I know, let me tell you a secret, I sometimes feel that these civilizations have not ended because of these women…………….. Joke flat  ………….. Well what do you think

Well, it is believed that in the 8th-9th century, an Arabic Hakim Jarrah Abu al-Qasim al-Jahrabi made something similar to lipstick to adorn the lips. (Why did you do this, after all why)

I am sure that after this he must have turned from Hakim to Hakim. 

Time went on but it never got social acceptance like that. No matter how, in Europe it was not considered good to apply lipstick.

There were many restrictions on it. Because many people thought that this woman is a witch, maybe she has come after drinking someone’s blood.

Yes, that thing is different that seeing many women, it seems to be happening even today………..

In spite of all this, Queen Elizabeth of England used to paint her lips red in the 16th century.

This red color was made by mixing wax and flower colours. This happened that it slowly started coming into practice.

Now put a queen and it does not come into play, can it be good?

In the late 19th century, the French company Gerle began producing lipsticks. And gradually his demand kept increasing.

Then came Hollywood actress Marlene Monron and Elizabeth Taylor What did she put on lipstick The trend of lipstick started almost all over the world .

This practice continues even today.