While battling all day with stress, rush to complete work, grief of losing something, desire to get something, there comes a moment when it just pops out of the mouth, “Wow! Life is Beautiful”.

How beautiful life is, this feeling comes to our mind as we become aware for a few moments to the climax of our life, because we find ourselves very subtle in the universe and our suffering even more subtle, Because we helplessly look at things with a sense of satisfaction, because we find true satisfaction, because we understand that in the end it all means nothing…..! 🍀 Personality +

life is beautiful
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LIfe and It’s Beautifulness

We are programmed to work the hard way to get what we want. We can’t believe we can get anything done without hard work, sweat, tears, and obstacles. There is a reason behind all these things which is – attainment of happiness.

But, what about sorrow?

Grief is a very complex subject, why is it so? If I tell you that sorrow is like a cloud, it will go away one day, then you can say in response that these are philosophical things. It hardly has any effect on you because you have heard it many times and now it does not leave any effect.

I can tell you that grief is a mental illness, you are sad because you think so, I can say that sadness is more a political and social cause than personal reasons, I can say that the imagination of sorrow is the reason why you Do because some things are associated with happiness. You can disagree with me every time I say whatever you say because whenever you are sad all the above things become secondary.

All the above things become secondary, because all those things you thought about in a normal situation and now when you are sad you are prioritizing suffering.

So have we come to any conclusion from this? No! no at all! This is the beauty of life that when we have to be sad, we just become, if we rise above all these things then everything will not be the same for us as it is for us today.

and death?

How would it have been if he had told us the truth? Truth, nothing but the truth? That life is easy, wonderful. Miracles happen all the time and we have the power to make them happen in our lives! We think that the universe loves us, that there is wealth and health here for all.

What would your life be like if your parents and teachers taught you the truth? You do not believe that you are no less than anyone. You will not be filled with fear of getting sick or failing, being stupid or not being good enough.

If you knew from the beginning that you are the Creator ‘s creation, that you will always be, that you will always be around, that you were created for a reason, and that you will be happy when you discover that reason, will your What will life look like now? If you were told that you have talents, unique qualities that make you a special person, and that you are on earth with a mission to present these talents to others, where would you be now and what would you do now? Would you have been

Isn’t that good? The genius who created this whole thing did really well: we’ve been sent to Earth with a mission and to be able to assume our mission we’re fully equipped from the very beginning: gifting us with natural talents . given and all we have to do is present them to the world! Simply put, we have to do what we already can easily do and for which we are talented, and wish for happiness, satisfaction, love, money and whatever else comes our way!

This is such a beautiful concept! All we have to do is do what we do! But of course we need to stop for once to think that we don’t deserve happiness or wealth or health. All these ideas are wrong as they go against the principles of creation of the universe.

We are amazing already! We’re already in love! We are already rich! We are already free! We are already smart! We are already healthy!

Why? Because it was all before we started our lives. This is just who we really are. We were born the way we were made. This is the truth about us. Everything else is “learned” later.

The good news is that whatever is learned can be unlearned. Each program can be changed and replaced by a new program.

And again, life is beautiful, because a positive thought is 10,000 times more powerful than a negative thought. So it won’t take you another 40 years to undo the negative conditioning in your mind. One positive thought can balance 10,000 negative thoughts.

can you imagine Aren’t we lucky?

Life Is Beautiful

If you choose to do so, you may find your negative schedule swirling around in your mind faster. Go to the bookstore, buy some books with positive thoughts, put them in every toilet in the house, in the bathroom, in your bedroom, in your living room, and read them whenever you think or look at it. It doesn’t matter whether you read one page after another or you open the book only when it’s in your hand. The message you receive will be right for you at that very moment.

Every morning you start your day by thanking the universe for your bed, your house, the roof over your head, the people you live with, the water coming out of your tap, the light that you turn on with a simple gesture. The hands, the food available, the choices you can make on that day, the love you have received in your life and the love you will get, the miracle that will happen today and the air you can breathe.

Listen to a CD or cassette with the positive program in your car. Listen to them while you cook dinner, clean the house or iron your clothes.

Surround yourself with positive people and stop promoting negative social talk. Don’t watch television unless there’s a really positive program.

You can do a lot to take a positive turn in your life. Don’t think that you can’t do anything. Now you are responsible for your life. Make your choice! Know that every thought you think of is either one that will weaken you, or one that will make you feel strong.