In this article, we will discuss the solution of unemployment in a simple and easy way and try to understand its various important aspects,

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solution of unemployment
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| What is unemployment?

When a person wants to earn money by doing some work and he also looks for work for this but he does not get work, such persons are called unemployed, and this situation is called unemployment .

In today’s time, unemployment is not the problem of any particular country, but it is the problem of all the nations. Because unemployment not only harms that country but at the same time it also harms the entire humanity in one way or the other.

Despite this, the situation is that in every country at all times a large number of unskilled workers as well as skilled and specially trained workers are also unemployed.

Such workers are ready to work at the prevailing wage rates in the country, but are unemployed due to lack of work. Unemployment in large numbers is a sign of bad luck, an indicator of social disease.

So overall we know so much that unemployment is dangerous for a healthy society, but the question comes that how to eliminate unemployment, what are the measures to prevent unemployment? And so on. So let’s understand this;

| Solution of Unemployment

Unemployment is a serious problem. The consequences of this are very fatal. Its removal is in the interest of both the individual and the society. It can be overcome only in organized and planned form, it is not possible only with government effort. Unemployment needs a joint sincere effort of the individual, society and the government. The following measures can prove to be effective in this regard.

controlling population growth

Control of population growth is necessary to remove unemployment. The proportion in which the means of employment increase, the increase in population is seen in a manifold proportion. That is why it is necessary to stop the increase in population.

If you look like this, it seems to be just one reason, but if we go to the bottom of it, then this one reason is the mother of many other reasons. Because in this capitalist economy everything is linked to money.

If there is no employment, then the money will not come. If money does not come, poverty will increase. If poverty increases, the standard of living will fall. If the standard of living declines, uncleanliness will become his friend. Unclean friendship will cost him dearly. Various diseases will increase in it and the number of unhealthy people will increase.

Now the one who was unwell with the body till now will start becoming unhealthy mentally too. If you are mentally unwell, then dirty thoughts will come in your mind. And as soon as dirty thoughts start coming in the mind, crimes like theft, dacoity, robbery, rape, murder, treason, terrorism will increase.

This situation goes on like this in just one order, now the one who does not have employment, if he has children, then due to poor economic condition he will not be able to get good education, will not be able to get nutritious food, will not be able to get healthy environment.

This will make him adopt a narrow minded personality. Due to lack of necessary skills, he will not get a good job and the same situation will keep repeating again. From this it can be understood how important it is to reduce the population growth rate.

development of agriculture

India is an agricultural country. Unemployment can be reduced due to agricultural development. Employment opportunities can be increased in agriculture with new equipment, artificial fertilizers, improved seeds, irrigation schemes, breaking new cultivable land, planting trees, planting gardens and intensive farming.

With the development of agriculture, the income of the person will increase, the standard of living will increase, there will be development in desire and capacity. All this will reduce unemployment.

Education reform

Unemployment of the educated is a burning question today. The problem of educated unemployment in our country is getting serious day by day. This shows that the education system of contemporary India is flawed. Today, youths run towards jobs after leaving universities and colleges. They feel ashamed of doing physical labor and manual work.

Yet, as far as higher education is concerned, it should be open to only those people who are really talented or really capable. If all these things are translated into action, then surely the wildly increasing rate of unemployment will come down. Recently the Government of India has introduced a new education policy. This is expected to give good results in the coming time.

Establishment of employment offices

Lack of information is also one of the reasons for unemployment. In this context, there is a need to set up employment offices on a large scale. Employment within the country can be made aware of employment facilities and opportunities to educated and trained, skilled and unskilled workers and illiterate but physically and mentally healthy unemployed.

Its branch should be in rural areas and in those areas where there is a need for unemployed labor. This will at least ensure that the employment that is available will be allotted to the right people.

creative work

At the national level, buildings for workers and middle-class people should be constructed in all areas. Due to this, employment investment to the people on the one hand, and good housing for the workers on the other hand, their health will improve.

Employment opportunities will increase due to expansion and development of education, health, social services and offices. Similarly, by promoting the works of construction of dams, bridges, roads, parks and river valleys, the labor of many unemployed persons can be utilized.  

Improvement in the current economy of the country

The problem of unemployment is an economic problem. As long as the current economy of the country does not improve, this problem will remain like a dragon.

This epidemic can be removed only when the path of industrial development in the country is paved. Only then will the country prosper economically and many unemployed people will get employment and the program of industrial development in the country will be able to get rid of unemployment.

Development of Micro, Small and Medium Industries

The data has proved that micro, small and medium industries are the largest employment generating sector. This sector alone provides about 12 crore jobs, that is why it is also called the growth engine of the Indian economy.

What actually happens is that such industries require less capital and can be run by family members. Through this, it also gives employment to the farmers and other people sitting idle. In such a situation it becomes necessary that the government should provide capital for their development.

Vocational education

It is very important to improve the education system of the country so that children get job ready and come out of school or college. For this, emphasis should be given to choose vocational education according to the interest of the students after passing high school, or such awareness should be spread so that the students themselves choose such field. In this context, there is a lot of expectation from the New Education Policy 2020 .

Other solution of unemployment

In addition to these measures, the following suggestions can be important in unemployment prevention โ€“

(1) Unemployment can be reduced to some extent by balancing the mobility of labor.

(2) The provision of unemployment insurance scheme or unemployment allowance etc. can be made by the governments until he gets employment.

(3) By further developing the village-city relationship, people with the right skills can be sent to the right place, as well as some employment can be created by implementing some of the features of the cities in the village.

(4) By preventing the Chinese market from entering the Indian market by the government and making its own cheap and durable products, production can be increased, this can also create a large amount of employment.

In this way, unemployment can be removed by the jointness of many efforts. It has many forms, so a lot of effort is needed. In this, along with the role of the government, the contribution of capitalists and industrialists and voluntary organizations can be noteworthy.

| Government efforts to reduce unemployment

Unemployment is a very serious problem. The consequences of this are very fatal. In view of its ill effects, the government has taken many steps towards solution of unemployment.

Several schemes were launched by the Government of India in the last 5-6 years. The following is a list of government schemes whose benefits are being directly received by the people of India.

(1) Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (2) Mudra Loan Scheme (3) Security Insurance Scheme (4) Atal Pension Yojana (5) Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (6) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (7) Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Thus, it is clear from the above description that the government has been working in removing unemployment through various schemes and programs. But all these efforts have not proved very effective. A genuine and genuine effort is needed in this regard.

Hope you understand the solution of unemployment; for better understanding read all article related to unemployment. There may be some more solution of unemployment, if you have some, please comment and don’t forget to share this article


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