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Can we live together for the sake of humanity…?

Humanity is an idealistic word, I think it is a position of the highest ideal. And the highest ideal is like a mirage where we see our goal clearly but as soon as we reach there it disappears and if we look from there again we see it ahead. We go far in search of him but we do not find what we went for.

Throughout life, we listen to the words of humanity, curse evil, vomit knowledge about humanity, but the question is why we are not able to establish an ideal society? Why do we become so selfish? Why do we stoop to any extent for the sake of our petty selfishness? We only pay attention to our own feelings, why do we find others’ feelings so useless? Is it so difficult to establish a perfect society?, Is it so difficult to live together for the sake of humanity?

Yes, it can be said because if we look at the phase of human development, then one thing becomes clear that we have not lived together in the past for the sake of humanity. And seeing the phase of development we are in today, it would not be wrong at all to say that even if we have not lived together for the sake of humanity, then we have not suffered any loss.

We know many such philosophers and thinkers of the past. Who raised the human ideological potential to the highest level in his time. There have been many such attempts in the past. When an attempt was made to establish an ideal society. Or an attempt was made to live together for the sake of humanity.

We are all human!
Our God is also one!
Our religion also gives the same teaching at some point or the other.

Creating many such mottoes, human beings have dived into the ocean of imagination to find one by one the ideal situation. But never able to achieve this status and why not?

 Because – life never obeys bound rules

If we just look at the developments of the last 500 years, then it comes to know that – a lot of effort was made to bind humans in the rules. In this context the situation in Europe was even worse. Where even ideological freedom was bound in the rules.

But what happened? Terrible wars, wars that wiped out crores of people, corruption and not knowing what happened!

 There were so many terrible and terrible battles……. Between whom? among humans. Meaning !

 Means humans themselves have killed humans and still kill them but for what ………? To maintain humanity!

 What a great irony, we kill humans for humanity’s sake

Still, look at the beauty of life, even after all this has happened, human beings have made tremendous progress. Humans have made the most progress in these few hundred years.

The soul trembles even at the thought of such a large-scale massacre in the world war, but for its sake, many such inventions and discoveries were made which made our life easier and took human civilization to a new dimension.

 It is clear that we have always broken the rules and made new rules knowing that one day these rules will also be changed.

They say that man always lives in hell and imagines heaven, knowing that he will never get it. Never live!

 Still, we fantasize because we know that we will get something or the other. And the truth is that it is also available.

But one thing is very clear that in fact everything works relative to each other here. Everything seems meaningless without each other.

You think for yourself that we talk about humanity only because there is a thing called humanity here. How relevant would humanity have been without the existence of humanity!

 We talk about the truth because there is also a thing called a lie here. How relevant would truth be without the existence of lies!

 You yourself think that without the existence of Ravana, how would our Ram be !!!

Let us take the present scenario and assume that we are living together for the sake of humanity by eradicating all the rage-hatred, hatred, high-low, rich-poor, caste and religious inequality.

Now there is no dispute and there is no enemy country, so imagine what will happen to crores of soldiers of all countries if there is no enemy country. When it is no longer needed, then imagine what will happen to unemployment!

What will happen to those countries which sell arms to India on one side and also to Pakistan on the other? The more they fight, the more powerful they become.

Think for yourself if there is no crime then what will happen to such a huge judicial system and police establishments. How important will it be?

What would be the importance of the rich without the poor! What will be the importance of the upper castes without the Dalits! , You go on thinking about the consequences of this, but it hardly ends.

So what does it mean that we should not talk about humanity? Can’t we live together for the sake of humanity? Will you never be able to live? Shouldn’t we talk about establishing an ideal society?

 No it is not so. Whatever is here, everyone has their own importance. Humanity and humanity both are inside us or rather we are like that.

Yes we are like that. We fight in the name of peace. We first make atomic bombs and then talk of peace. We first make terrorists and then kill them in the name of humanity.

Only the top 10 billionaires have as much wealth as two-thirds of the population in our country. If for the sake of humanity, they spend even half their wealth on basic things like education, health, agriculture of those states which have been left behind in the era of state development. So the condition and direction of the whole of India will change. But they don’t do that and it’s not wrong either.

We are like this – here many people die of hunger and on the other hand many people die while eating, – many people do not have potable water and on the other hand many people die while drinking.

Many people wear torn clothes because they do not have clothes to wear, on the other hand many people spend thousands to wear torn clothes. The first one is the victim of economic poverty and the second one is suffering from mental poverty. (Though it’s called fashion.)

Some talented students are not able to do what they could due to financial reasons or due to lack of necessary resources, on the other hand some students are forcibly taught so much that they do not know when they become apes from human beings. Let’s go (Though he calls himself an intellectual.)

You may call it an irony or whatever the beauty of life is……..but we are like that. Everything is here……………………..

There is corruption here, so there is honesty too. If there is a sinner here, there is also a saint here. If there is an atheist here, there is also a believer here. If there is a fool here, there is also a scholar here. If there is an enemy here, there is also a friend here. There is war here and there is peace here too. If there is a lie here, there is also a truth here. There is darkness here and there is light here too. Here there is despair, there is hope. There is humanity here, so there is humanity here.

And we live together for the sake of humanity, it is not our nature to live by the rules .

Watch this short video clip as you go, maybe it will make you think. Maybe you even think about it and change it for a while, do you know?

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Mahatma Gandhi