The map of India is such that if you sit to make it straight, then some mistake is bound to happen, to prevent this mistake, many types of tricks or methods are adopted.

Although there are many tricks available on the internet to make a map of India, the method by which we will learn to make a map of India in this article is called scaling method.

भारत का नक्शा

learn to map india

Drawing a map of India is not as difficult as we draw it as we draw it. Generally it is expected from the student of Geography that he should at least know how to draw a map of India.

Of course he must come, but I believe that whether we are a student of geography or not, but as an Indian, we must know how to make a map.

To be honest, this is not that difficult a task, so if you try a little, then you will be able to make a map like the picture shown below.

भारत का नक्शा

With the way I am going to tell, you can make any map if you want. This is called scaling method. If you practice it even 10 times, then you will be able to make it without scale. So let’s know how to make it.

First we draw a perfect square. Make it with a pencil so that you can erase the initial mistakes. The square of the map I made to show you has a side of 16 cm. You can see in the below picture.


You make a perfect square like in the picture shown above and divide it into 16 squares. After doing this you can do the numbering if you want.

Now as can be seen in the picture, I have done the numbering here and crossed the boxes 3, 4 and 15, 16. This means that there is no use of that food. Whatever we have to do, we have to do it with the left over food.

Now all you have to do is to do the same thing as shown in the picture below. You can see from the picture below that there is a lining in the number 13 field. After learning, if you want, you can start it with any food.


Here one thing just you have to remember that in which food, from where and how many linings have to be done. Once you’ve got fed up with which box, how to line and how much to line, you can draw a map without a scale.

In the picture below, you can see that there is a lining in the number 14 field. You remember it that how many linings have to be done in the number 14 and how to do it.

Similarly, you can see the other boxes to see how much and how they are lined. There is a lining in the number 10 and number 14 box below.


Here below is the lining in the number 9 box.

map of India

Here below, there is a lining in the number 11 and number 5 field.

map of India

Here only a little lining has been done in number 1 followed by the rest in number 2, number 6 and number 7. You may find this part a bit difficult, although you can remove it if you want. How? He explains below.

map of India

Here a little lining has been done at the bottom in the number 12 box and mostly in the number 8 box.

map of India

So that’s how it was completed. Yes, I can understand that there will be some problem in drawing some part of it like North East and Kashmir. This is also its main challenge.

If initially there is some problem in drawing Jammu and Kashmir and North-East, then if you want, you can do more small scaling, it depends on you.

I have taken a class here, it does not mean that it is made only by taking this class, if you want, you can also take imports. I have here for 16 meals, you can take more food if you want to learn in the beginning.

Now let me tell you an interesting thing that whatever map you want to make, you divide it by making squares or imports in the same way and divide it into winning boxes.

As soon as you do this you will know how many linings to put in which food. As soon as you know, you can make it anywhere else, just make the same square or import and make the boxes and then lining it.

When all the lining is done, you can delete the square or import, after that what is left will be your map.

As my one can see, as soon as this was done, I did the pen-lining on the map and then erased all the extra lines.

map of India

Wherever there was a mistake, I corrected it with a pen. See how it looks after doing this.

map of India

Scaling Method is a method by which you can easily draw any type of map. So try it, hope you like it.

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