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online tools website

Listing of Online tools website

The world of Internet is very vast. There will be crores of sites on the internet but this world is so big that it becomes impossible to explore its sites. In such a situation, we remain deprived of some of the wonders present on the Internet.

You should not be deprived of all this, that is why today we are going to talk about some similar online tools website about which people generally do not know. So let’s know about these online tools website one by one. Links of all websites are given so that you can access them easily.

| Web-capture โ€“ Online full length website screenshots โ€“ Often when we are working on a computer or on a smartphone in a browser and like the content of a website, then we screenshot it, but there is a problem with the screenshot. That as much as it is visible on the screen, the more it is captured.

With the help of the web tool about which I am going to tell, you can take a screenshot of all the content of that particular page, that too in just one photo.

Although there are many such tools available on the internet, but one has to pay money or else there are many aids and useless things on the screen. There is nothing like this in this one.

Another advantage of this is that you can convert it to PDF and edit the image on the same screen. All the tools related to basic image editing are available there.

Web Capturing is very easy, all you have to do is copy the url of that particular web page and paste it in this website. This site will do the further work itself.

| Basic image editor – This web tool is perfect for basic editing of images. From here you’ll be able to do all the things you can do in a basic editor; Such as saturation, brightness, various filters, blur, border, overlay and draw etc. It is very light and fast.

| Convert2video โ€“ This web tool is very good for basic video editing, from here you can trim video, add, create collage, but its biggest thing is that from here you can make video from photo. Also in a very user friendly environment.

| Receive SMS Online for Free โ€“ If you do not want to give your mobile number or social media account ID to anyone, yet you want to receive SMS from anyone, then this website is very useful. Through this website you can receive any message without losing your privacy.

Here you get a mobile number which you give to the person in front and after that whatever message he will send, you can see on this website. 

| Speedtest by Ookla  โ€“ You probably already know about this. Actually this is an online tool to check internet speed. So if you want to know the real speed of your internet then definitely visit it. This is the biggest name in the matter of checking Internet speed.

| 10 Minute Mail โ€“ Free Anonymous Temporary Email โ€“ While working online, it happens many times that we need to sign up again and again. But it is not wise to give your email id everywhere, that is why in such places you put the Temporary email address found on this website.

Your work will also be done and your email id will also be safe. The special thing about this email is that it automatically becomes inactive in 10 minutes. And you can generate it as many times as you want.

| How Secure my Password ?  – This is a very easy online tool, with the help of which you can check your password that the password you have entered anywhere. How secure is that? Somewhere it is not so weak that someone hacks it. From here you will know how long it will take if someone wants to hack your password. 

| NorseCorp – Now that the talk of hacking has started, you can see here real time hacking, which country is hacking which country. I don’t know how true this is. Many people believe that this really happens. Maybe you know what – see for yourself

| Fakespot: Analyze and identify fake reviews – While shopping online, we often see product reviews and then make up our mind to buy, but often online companies post fake reviews so that the customer can be influenced.

To avoid this, you can use this website. Paste the url of any product you want to know about here, it will tell you whether the review posted on it is real or fake. The best way to use it is to use it through the chrome extension.

| โ€“ This is a very useful website in many ways on a strange looking website. Here thousands of daily useful websites have been indexed category wise. Find the website of your choice and click on it. You will find this site a bit like a hacking site. Overall, if you want to get rid of typing search on google again and again, then you can visit it again.

| Flight Aware – Is there a plane flying over your head and you want to know about it, then both these websites are going to be very useful for you.

It gives you complete information about any plane flying anywhere in the world in real time. Such as which company’s aircraft is it, from where it has taken off and where it is going to land, which countries or states or regions it is going to pass through, etc.

| Flight Radar – This site is also similar to the one above. Both work more or less the same. You can use whatever you like.

| Online FM Radio โ€“ If you are having trouble finding different radio stations, then this website will make your job easy. Almost all the radio channels have been collected here in sequence.

Just click on the channel you want to listen and enjoy anywhere and anytime. The special thing is that you can listen to the radio channels of Delhi from anywhere else. 

| Image Compressor โ€“ I have used many Image Compressor but I liked this one. That is because in this you get the option to choose the size of your choice. For example, if there is an image of 20 kb, then you can make it of 2 kb and also of 10 kb. You can make this decision by looking at the image quality. You can do much more with its help.

| All PDF Solution at One Place โ€“ This site can do many things, whether it is converting from PDF to any other file format or converting any other format file to pdf, everything is in one place, that’s why I have added this to my list.

| Background Remover  – What to say about it? It removes the background so well as if a professional has done it with the help of Photoshop. Nothing to do, just put your photo there and after that whatever you want to do, he will do it himself.

After that all you have to do is download. You can edit there too. You can also put pictures in the background. Its paid plan is also available, you can take it if you want.

| Virus Total  – Often through social media and any other means, many such files and website links keep coming to us, whose authenticity is doubted whether it is a virus or not, we are often skeptical about it.

Virus Total is a very handy online tool, with the help of which you can find out whether the links of any website and any files contain virus or not. 

| Internet Live Stats  โ€“ Find out how many Tweets, Instagram posts and emails are being sent in real-time! If you like this type of statistics then you can visit it.

| RADIO GARDEN โ€“ This is an amazing web tool, it will change your way of listening to FM. Here you will be shown the world map. Wherever you see the dot, just click on it and then see what happens. Overall, through this web tool, you can listen to any radio station in the world.

| PASSWORD GENERATOR  โ€“ This is a good web tool to generate password, tell this tool for the number of characters you want to keep the password, it will generate a paasword and give it, that too paasword worth remembering.

| Meme Generator  โ€“ Nowadays the era of memes is going on, every day you get to see many new memes on social media. There can be as many ways as there are people to create it, but if you want to create memes on social media without any extra effort in a very short time by yourself, then this tool is of your use because easily generate memes from here. can do.

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|Bonus Online tools website

| Unit Converter  โ€“ App for conversion of Length, Area, Temperature, Volume, Weight and Time etc. is now inbuilt in the smartphone, but this site is special in the sense that from here you can do many conversions apart from all this. , such as Engineering conversion, fluid conversion, Heat conversion, Electricity conversion, Magnetism conversion, Radiology conversion and Light conversions etc. That’s why it’s special.

| i2OCR  โ€“ This is a free online optical character recognition (OCR) that extracts text from images and scanned documents or any PDF (either in English or Hindi), which can then be used as you wish. Huh.

Many times while preparing a project, we need any text from a pdf or image or copy and paste the entire pdf as it is, but we have no option left except to write it manually. That’s what makes this work. Trust me it works so well that you will be stunned

Apart from this, there is a lot on this platform like converting PDF to other format, breaking the lock of PDF, splitting and many more. If you want clipart for free, then you can also get it from here. Do visit it, maybe you will like it.

| PrivNote  โ€“ This is an online web tool which is of great use. This allows you to send notes to recipients’ emails or via URLs. This is special because your notes will actually self-destruct after a preset time and you’ll get a notification when it’s done.

| TechJunkie Tools  – This is one of the few sites where many small but useful web tools have been compiled. Here you can visit to compress files, convert word docs to PDF, and much more. The best part of this is that you do not need to subscribe or sing up. Just go to the site and get started.

| MathWay  – Write any question and get the answer, it sounds a little exciting to hear, doesn’t it! But this is correct. This site is designed that way. And the best thing about it is that you can also put pictures of the question. So it is very good for those people who often face problems in maths.

| Account Killer  – Many times many people get tired of social media and then they find their account too heavy. Because many do not even know how to delete their account from there. In this case this site will help you.

| Amazing websites on internet – If you do not mind with so many web tools and want to see something new, then definitely read this article given here, about 50 amazing websites have been listed, that too with description. From here you can find many online tools website for your work.

| Amazing websites for fun on the internet  –  It is natural to get bored with something, even if it is your favorite work. In such a situation, if there is a little fun, then it will be fun. About 40 Amazing websites for fun have been listed in this article, that too with description. Believe me, here you will find many such sites where you can pass your time.

So overall, this is all in this article called online tools website, hope the given tools will be useful to you. Do share and read the link of other related articles given below.

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