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free websites for photo editing

websites for photo editing

Internetย has made a lot easier.ย Taking photo editing only, now this work can be done even without installing software or apps.ย Generally we are familiar with and are using all the popular software and apps for photo editing, but there are many such websites available on the internet from where we can do professional level photo editing.

But the problem in front of us is that there are crores of sites available on the internet and some of those sites are not able to come in front of us, that is why we are deprived of all of them.

You should not be deprived of it, that is why today we are going to talk in this article about some such free websites for photo editing . So let’s know about these websites one by one. Links of all the websites have been given so that you can access them easily.

| Listing of Free websites for photo editing

| Basic image editor โ€“ This web tool is perfect for basic editing of the image. From here you’ll be able to do most of the things you would do in a basic editor; You can see the list of what everyone can do below-

  • saturation,
  • brightness,
  • various filters,
  • blur,
  • border,
  • overlay,
  • skin smoothing,
  • hair dye,
  • adding clipart,
  • maintaining aspect ratio
  • And Draw etc.

| Free Online Image Editor – If you have to do minor editing then you will not get better than this. Apart from basic image editing tools, many other tools are also available here. Here you get the following photo editing tools โ€“

  • Resize, crop, adding text, rotate
  • color changing, borders, round corners, photo frame
  • Animation, cut shapes, speech bubbles, transparency

| Squoosh โ€“ It is very lightweight and fast. From here you can not do many things but whatever you can do, you can do amazing; such as

  • Photo compression with desired size
  • Changing aspect ratio with desired resolution
  • convert photo into PNG, web p, jpeg, AVIF with desired image size

Alternative โ€“ tinyPng

| Color Pallet – Sometimes while doing graphic designing, some such color may be needed which is in our mind but we are not able to create it. Here you will find many colors and different shades which you can use anywhere according to your convenience. From here you can also generate hex codes of colors.

| Silky Design In Seconds! You can use this tool to design such a graphic whose example is given in the picture below It is very simple, just a little hand has to be rotated.

Free websites for photo editing

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| Background Remover on the go โ€“ The main purpose of this site is to remove the background. Other sites are also available on the internet to remove the background but its thing is different.

Here you do not have to do anything, just put your photo there and after that whatever you want to do, it will do it itself, after that if you want, you can download it or put a photo in the background according to your choice. There is some background already available, you can apply it if you want.

| Cooltext โ€“ This site can be used to generate logo or to write designing text. Lots of designs available here. You just have to select that font and write whatever you want and then download it.

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Semi Free websites for photo editing

The paid version of the site I am going to tell here is also available, but you should use its free version only. Because anyway you will find almost all the tools a good image editor should have. Yes, if you have to do advance level editing, then you may need some tools which are paid. So you can take the decision according to your need.

| Befunky image editor โ€“ This will look like a complete package to you, because it has got a lot of features here. Some of the important free tools and features are as follows;

  • Crop, resize, rotate, exposure
  • Beautify, color correction, smoothing, blur, color mixer, tilt and tint
  • Blemish fix, blush, fix red eye, slimming and paint brush
  • 20+ preset effects and frames
  • shape designing, texture and overlays
  • Add text with various desired font

| Befunky collage maker โ€“ If you want to make collage then you can visit this link. This is from the same company. If you want, you can choose this option from the site itself. Here are all the necessary tools to make a collage beautiful. However, some things may be missing.

There is another platform from this company from where you can do graphic designing. There you’ll also find some presets. You can go from here โ€“ . If you can spend 4000 rupees annually, then you can also use its paid version.

| Fotor image editor โ€“ You can see this site as an alternative to befunky. Here too, almost everything that is befunky is there, so I don’t think there is a need to mention it here. You can use whichever of the two you want. It also has a separate page for collage and graphic designing, you can click on the link given below to go directly to it.

Click here to make a collage

Click here for Graphic Designing

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| Pixlr E โ€“ This is also like a complete package, here you will feel like photoshop, although not all the tools available here are free. Then what is free is enough for a regular photo editor. Its features are as follows;

  • Arrange tool, marquee tool, lasso tool, wand select
  • crop, cutout, heal, clone, blur
  • focus/bookeh, disperse
  • pen tool, draw tool
  • fill tool, gradient tool
  • text, picker, zoom, hand tool etc

| Pixlr X โ€“ This is also of pixlr but its designing is like photoshop and you will find some of the tools available in photoshop missing but it is for those people who do not know photoshop but still want to edit . Talking about these features, it is something like this;

  • Adjust, liquify, various preset effect, paint and cutout
  • Resize and background color changing
  • Adding text with various design presets
  • Add element, like โ€“ overlay, border, shape, sticker
  • crop, rotate, flip, scissors tool
  • Adjust and filter, like โ€“ colour, light, detailing, toning, filling
  • Retouching with pen, clone, blur
  • draw tool and erase tool
  • glitch effect and much more

| Photopea  โ€“ You can also consider this as an alternative to Photoshop because the complete interface here is also available from Photoshop. And almost all those tools will be found here which are available in Photoshop.

So if you are looking for a platform like Photoshop and other similar photo editors and that too for free, then you must give it a try. From here you can create a completely new photo and edit the existing photo as per your wish. Its specialty is the same as that of Photoshop, so there is no point in telling it here.

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So overall this is all in this article called free websites for photo editing; Hope you liked it. Do share and a link of some other important articles is given below, must visit it too.

On the go, here I am telling you about two free software, which is very good, you can use it if you want. The first is inPixio FREE EDITOR โ€“ Here you will find all the necessary tools such as โ€“ Filters, Frames, Edit Colors, Before/After Comparison, Vignetting Effects, Histogram etc. Talking about other software, it is a vector graphic editor . Which you can use to create clipart.

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