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Note โ€“ All the tools that have been presented here and the facts have been told about it, the basis of all that is personal experience and Internet research. And no tool is being promoted here, all this is just for your convenience.

free tools for seo

| Listing of Free tools for SEO and website research

There is no shortage of free tools or semi free tools on the internet, so it is not possible to cover them all in one article, apart from this, if the same type of tools are hosted by many sites, then it is not necessary to list all. Does matter. Nevertheless, the good tools that are being listed here, you may or may not be familiar with many of them. We are dividing all the tools into the following 6 parts so that it is easy to find.

  1. Free tools for SEO and website research offered by Google
  2. Free tools for SEO as a Chrome Extension
  3. Free tools for SEO as a wordpress plugins
  4. Free and Semi Free Multi tools for SEO and website research
  5. Free tools for content research
  6. Other Important Free tools for SEO and website research

| Free tools for SEO and website research offered by Google

| Google Analytics โ€“ This is a web analytics service provided by Google which is the most used web analytics service on the web.

It is used to track the activities related to the website such as session duration, bounce rate, users etc. as well as information about the source of traffic. Apart from this, it provides a lot of data based facts about the time spent by the visitors on the website, their geographical location and more.

If you want, you can integrate other Google products as well (such as Tag ManagerOptimizeAdsense, Search Console etc.) and use it at Pro level. Using Google’s Data Studio, you can merge data from different sources (like Search console, Google Ads, Google Analytics and MySql etc.), and create a comprehensive report.

In 2011, Google Analytics launched real-time analytics, which allows users to get information about the current visitors to the site. It is designed for up to 50 lakh page views a month.

Many of its alternatives are also available in the market such as  Clicky ; With the help of this, analytics up to 3000 page views can be seen per day for free and 20 million page views can be seen daily in the Pro version.

Similarly, Open Web Analytics can also be used which is a free and open source web analytics. And also Bing Webmaster Tools can also be a good option.

| Search Console โ€“ This is a very important tool in terms of SEO, which tells us how Google crawls and ranks the site, or Google does not rank our site when there is a mistake. Apart from this, which keyword is ranking at what number, Sitemap and many other information provides.

| Rich Results Test โ€“ There are thousands of ways to create any web page and fit it into any structure, and this different type of coding and structure makes it difficult for search engine bots to crawl and index a site. That is why the concept of Rich Results was brought. Its purpose is to highlight those key points or facts of a web page, with the help of which search engines can understand the purpose of that page and present the right page to the people. This tool is there to check whether your page is such or not.

In technical language, there are many ways to mark up the structured data of a web page such as JSON-LD , RDFa and Microdata etc. Those who know coding, they do it with the help of coding and those who do not know, they do it with the help of WordPress plugins . You can search it and you will find many.

Alternatives โ€“ For Bing โ€“ Bing Markup Validator , Third Party tools โ€“ SEO SiteCheckup , Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator ,

| Page Speed โ€‹โ€‹Insights โ€“ This is an amazing Google tool made by Lighthouse, in which using field data, those important factors are kept in front of us in which our site is either lagging or doing well.

After analyzing the site mainly on three parameters, it provides us site speed score. Which helps us to improve the speed of our site. [ Understand those three parameters from here ]

| Keyword Planner โ€“ Google’s own Keyword Planner is designed for people who buy Google Ads, so if you want to run ads for your product with the help of Google Ads, then you can use this tool.

| Mobile-Friendly Test โ€“ if you need to know whether your web page meets Google’s mobile-friendly requirements; So you must use this tool. Enter your url and check if your page is passed, it means google consider it mobile friendly, if your page is not mobile friendly, it will also tell you the reason and how to fix it.

| Google trends โ€“ This tool is very good for those bloggers who write more articles related to current affairs. With the help of this, it can be known about a keyword, how many people are searching for that particular keyword and which website has already written an article on it. Apart from this, you can also compare keywords, etc.

| Free tools for SEO as a Chrome Extension

| Lighthouse Report viewer โ€“ This is Google’s open-source Speed โ€‹โ€‹Performance Tool. It audits pages on five parameters โ€“ Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO and Progressive Web App. So that almost all the necessary information is found on one page.

It is also easy to use, install and open the page you want to audit, click on this extension and then click on Generate Report.

| Ubersuggest โ€“ This is a great extension for Keyword Research. Just install it and search keywords on Google. You will get a lot of information related to that keyword such as Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, CPC, Website Ranked on that particular keyword, its Domain Authority, Backlinks etc. In the paid version, it provides more amazing features.

| SEO Minion โ€“ This free SEO tool helps in many tasks such as analyzing On-Page SEO, Checking Broken Links, Highlighting the Right Links, Previewing the Search Engine Results Page ( SERP ) and updating it, etc.

| META SEO inspector โ€“ This is a very useful extension to inspect Meta data. Here Meta data does not mean only HTML meta tag but also Structured data (such as JSON-LD, etc.), Canonical attribute, no-follow links and header hierarchy. Overall, information that we do not see directly on the page, but continues to work in the background and affect the entire page; We can call it Meta data and this tool does this audit.

| SEOquake โ€“ This is also a powerful free SEO audit tool that comes with many other features, such as complete audit of any web page, mobile compatibility, social statistics, url or domain comparison, keyword difficulty etc. Along with this, you can also create a custom set of your favorite parameters. It offers a lot in terms of being free. Alternatives โ€“ Moz Bar (With paid features)

| Bonus โ€“ Grammarly (to find and fix grammatical mistakes), Google Input Tools (for Hindi and regional language writing), Unsplash (free photos to use on any webpages), Essential SEO Toolkit (collection of useful SEO tools).

| Free tools for SEO as a wordpress plugins

| Yoast SEO โ€“ Yoast is the most trusted name in WordPress for Basic SEO, this is also because it provides all the basic features for free. Most bloggers use this, so it does not seem appropriate to talk much about its features. Alternatives:  All in One SEO Pack

| Rank Math โ€“ This is like a complete package which has basic features like Yoast as well as features like Image SEO, Schema Markup, Knowledge graph etc. is also inbuilt. That is, a lot of work can be done with a single plugin. But all its features are not available in Free, so many people who like Free do not use it. Alternatives: SEOPress

| PageSpeed โ€‹โ€‹Ninja โ€“ This plugin solves many problems related to speed so that the performance of core web vitals improves. Its features are as follows โ€“ Gzip file compression, Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files, Defer images by lazy loading, render blocking CSS and JavaScript, Combine and inline Javascript and CSS, Leverage browser caching etc.

| AMP โ€“ AMP i.e. Accelerated Mobile Page is a very good tool to increase the speed of mobile page. Google itself recommends that you use it because google promotes such mobile pages. Overall, AMP is a powerful tool that automatically applies many optimizations to the site, making it easier for visitors to get a good page experience. Alternative โ€“ AMP for WP โ€“ Accelerated Mobile Pages

| W3 Total Cache โ€“ It improves the SEO and user experience of the site by increasing the performance of the website and reducing the load times. It provides complete solution for optimizing WordPress website. It has the following features;

  • minify CSS and minify JS files
  • Reduced page load time
  • browser caching
  • content delivery network (CDN) integration
  • AMP support
  • SSL support
  • Defer non critical CSS
  • Defer offscreen images using Lazy Load

Apart from this, there are many Site Performance tools available here which you can use as per your requirement. If you are using Light Speed โ€‹โ€‹Server, then you can use LiteSpeed โ€‹โ€‹Cache Plugin instead.

| Easy Table of Contents โ€“ This is a very important tool, with the help of which Clickable Url of all Headings can be created and a great content list can be made available to the readers. With the help of this, the particular content of the same post can be easily found and read. Google also shows these URLs in its search results. So if you write a post with many headings, then definitely use it. Alternative โ€“ Table of Contents Plus

| Advanced Ads โ€“ Auto Ads of AdSense places ads anywhere. The problem comes when ads appear somewhere in the header section and this brings to the fore the CLS issue of Core Web Vital. Since this can affect Page Ranking, it is better to use Ad Placement tools, with the help of this Ads can be placed at your favorite place without spoiling the page performance.

Apart from this, it also has many features such as โ€“ ads.txt support, dedicated Gutenberg block for ads and Ad Health  integration etc. Alternative โ€“ Ad Inserter โ€“ Ad Manager & AdSense Ads

| Site kit โ€“ Whether the site is performing well or not; Proper monitoring is needed to know this. For this, many tools are used such as google search console, analytics, adsense, page speed insights etc. But if you can monitor the data of all these tools from one place, then what can be a better thing than this. This is where Google’s Site kit comes in handy.

| Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP โ€“ As we have also talked about above, what is your site about, what is its purpose; This search engine should know, only then they will be able to reach your product to the right customer. There is an organization called which has made a guideline for SEO Friendly Structure of the site so that the presentation of the site in Google Search Result is good.

Those who know coding do it with the help of coding, others use plugins. In such a situation, this plugin is very good, definitely use it for proper SEO. Alternative โ€“ Schema Schema โ€“ All In One Schema Rich Snippets , Rank Math SEO etc.

| WP Socializer โ€“ Social media is a very powerful tool to bring traffic to the site. In this regard, social media is used in many ways. With the help of this plugin, you can put social media share icon on your post wherever you want and also you can put social media follow button.

With the help of this plugin, download button and print button can be installed in your post, so that it becomes easy to download the post in pdf and print it. Apart from this, it also has many features, definitely explore it.

| Bonus โ€“ Broken Link Checker (To check broken links), Akismet Spam Protection (Protect your site from spamming), Wordfence Security โ€“ Firewall & Malware Scan (Protect your site from malicious viruses) , Smush โ€“ Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images ( Lazy load your images to serve fast).

| Free and Semi Free Multi tools for SEO and website research

| SEMRUSH โ€“ If you get to implement and analyze all the necessary SEO on a single platform, then what can be a bigger thing than this. There are tons of things you can do on this one platform like

  • site audit
  • keyword research
  • On page SEO
  • Social Media SEO
  • position tracking
  • competitive research and much more

But the thing to understand here is that it is not free. With its free version, you can do limited work. Yet this is enough to get started. There are some other platforms related to this which provide more or less the same services. Such as โ€“ Ubersuggest , , MOZ

| Bloggingos – There are many such important tools related to SEO are available on this same platform, which we usually need. such as –

  • CSS Minifier
  • Google Malware Checker
  • Check GZIP compression
  • Find DNS records
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • Backlink Maker
  • Broken Links Finder
  • Backlink Checker
  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker Pro and Much More

| Small SEO Tools โ€“ All the tools that are there in Bloggingos are here, along with it there are many other tools as well. such as –

  • Logo Maker
  • MInify HTML
  • Minify Js
  • url shortener
  • JSON tools
  • pdf tools
  • Binary converter tools and Much more

| bonus โ€“ SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

| Free tools for content research

No matter how much SEO you do on the site, if the content does not have power, then nothing can happen to it. There can be many ways to make the content unique. Here the names of some such platforms are being told which can be quite useful.

| Internet Archive โ€“ This is a completely free platform where millions of books, movies, software, podcasts and webpages etc. are available. From here you can find a lot of things for your work.

|  JIO Magazines – This is a very good free platform for JIO Magazines โ€“ Content Research. Here Automobile, Health, Business, Science and tech. And there are many magazines available related to education etc. For example, if you write on health, you can make your article unique with the help of a health magazine. Apart from this, Newspapers are also available here, so overall you will not feel the lack of content by using it.

| ResearchGate – Here you can read many research papers related to engineering, biology, computer science, chemistry, social science, astrophysics and medicine. And with its help you can increase the credibility of your article.

| Other Important tools

| Answer The Public โ€“ This is a special keyword research tool of its kind, you just have to type your keyword (related to which you want information), then this tool itself will put you in front of all the necessary possibilities related to it.

A lot of free tools related to Keyword are available on the internet, here the link of all is being given below. You can use it according to your need.

| Xenu โ€“ This is a software used for basic site auditing and finding broken links etc. Although there are many online tools available for this, but if you want, you can use it.

| Disavow Tool โ€“ If you feel that your site’s ranking is being affected by low-quality links (that you do not control). So you can ask Google to reject your backlinks and not take them into account when assessing your site. That’s what this tool is for.

| Local Search Results Checker โ€“ With the help of this tool, you can know the local ranking of a particular place.

| Mobile First Index Checker โ€“ With Zeo’s mobile-first index checker tool, you can check whether your page is ready for mobile indexing in a matter of seconds. You can see the significant difference between your desktop site and your mobile site, and also use it as an on-page SEO tool.

| Mobile Moxie SERP Test โ€“ Mobile search result may vary by both location and device. This is a tool to check this. Its mobile SERP test lets you compare devices, along with specific addresses, for any given location.

| SEO PowerSuite โ€“ This is a software that can be used for many types of tasks such as Full website audit & content optimization, In-depth backlink research & anti-penalty link audit, Effective link outreach & link management, Automatic rank tracking & keyword research. It can be seen by using it once.
Alternative โ€“   CanIRank

| BuzzSumo โ€“ As an SEO research tool, BuzzSumo is awesome. Its Chrome extension is one of the few tools available that provides reliable social share count estimates for any piece of content. Although not many features are available for free, you still get access to top material such as Influencer Searches, Content Analysis Reports, Domain Reports and trending data.

| Hunter โ€“ Hunter is a popular email search tool. It can be used to find the email address associated with any company or individual. As well as verifying any email addresses that already exist. Although limited searches can be done in its free version. Alternative โ€“   Viola Nobert

| SimilarWeb โ€“ With the help of this tool, you can research your competitors’ traffic, top page, collaboration, marketing channel, etc. However, in its free version, you can see metrics of only five results.

| Wappalyzer โ€“ This is a tool that helps you analyze what technology a website runs on. In other words, with its help, the technology of any website can be detected. Websites that use certain technologies can be listed along with company and contact details. It can be used for lead generation, market analysis and competitive research.

| Site Speed, Free SSL and performance auditing โ€“ The tool we are talking about here is usually familiar to all of us and also use it. such as –

| Cloudflare โ€“ famous for free SSL, DNS management, CDN, security and speed. GTmetrix โ€“ You can consider this tool as an alternative to page speed insight as it also mainly focuses on core web vitals.

| – This is also a very good tool to monitor site speed. Many things can be done with its help such as getting alerts when site speed drops, On Demand Audits and checking site speed against your competitors.

 | WebpageTest – This is also a good tool to monitor speed. It can also be used.

| Squoosh โ€“ If the pictures put in the post are not optimized properly, then it can slow down the site and can also create a core web vitals issue. To avoid this, the help of this free tool can be taken. With the help of this aspect ratio can be maintained and pictures can be served by converting them to webp. Along with this, its size can be reduced without spoiling the quality of the pictures as per your requirement. So do use it once.

| i2CR โ€“ If you want to extract text from a pdf or image and use it according to your wish, then this tool is very good. Its accuracy is so amazing that hardly any word has a spelling mistake. This is very good for those people who want to extract text from a magazine, ebook etc. and use it directly in the blog. Here almost all the solutions related to pdf are found as well as free clipart images are also available to download.

| Emoji Copy โ€“ If you want to use emoji in your post then you can visit this site, from here any emoji can be directly copied and pasted in your post.

Overall here are free tools for seo and website research; Hope you liked it. If I have missed any tool, then definitely comment on it and a link to some other articles is being given below;


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