In this article, we will discuss educated unemployment in a simple and easy way, and try to understand its various important aspects;

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educated unemployment
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| What is educated unemployment?

Broadly speaking, unemployment can be divided into two main parts โ€“ (1) involuntary unemployment and (2) voluntary unemployment .

Such a person, who wants to earn money and is also looking for employment but is unable to get employment, he is called unemployed and this situation is called involuntary unemployment. Involuntary because there is a desire to work but the work is not being found.

On the other hand, such a person who does not want to work himself or even if he wants to do it because of less salary, then such a situation is called voluntary unemployment. Voluntary unemployment is not classified as unemployment; This is because work is available but for some reason the person does not want to do it himself.

So overall the thing to remember here is that involuntary unemployment is considered as unemployment and this involuntary unemployment is further divided into cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment, structural unemployment and disguised unemployment, which we (unemployment types) have been discussed in detail in the article.

Educated unemployment is also involuntary unemployment because here also a person wants to work, wants to earn money but he does not get work. Let us understand in detail;

| educated unemployment

A person does graduation, post graduation after years, but when he comes to the market after completing his studies and taking a degree, he does not get any work and he becomes unemployed, then this situation is called educated unemployment . .

In today’s time, educated unemployment is one of the major reasons for India’s economic problems. Because today the basic purpose of education is to earn money and that is why people invest lakhs or crores of rupees on themselves so that when they come in the market, they can get the job they want.

But when employment is not being created in the market or even if it is happening then only people with requisite qualification are not able to get educated then unemployment will become a problem.

Every year lakhs of students graduate after graduation but some of them get jobs, the rest only result in unemployment. This situation is becoming a hindrance in the economic development of our country, that is why it is important to know what is the reason for this?

| Explanation

Population , or rather over population, acts as an obstacle in the path of development In an economy that houses 1.35 billion people, we can hardly expect that the demands of every individual are met. The population is too large to meet basic food supplies and medical treatment, etc.

India is among the top 5 countries with the highest number of students going to universities. But the problem is that there is no increase in the number of opportunities.

Every year lakhs of youth graduate but most of them do not get any employment. This gap is especially widened in times of recession, when companies and organizations find it difficult to cope with a crippling economy, resulting in layoffs, with little recruitment of newcomers.

Low Level Educational Institutions โ€“ When we compare our educational institutions with institutions outside the country, we come to understand that our educational system is extremely flawed. Outdated curriculum, substandard educational resources, lack of infrastructure have become synonymous with these institutions.

Students are not trained to meet the needs of the market, or to understand the subject fundamentally, but to rote the syllabus and get the right grades. Although the New Education Policy 2020 has promised to rectify these errors, but it will be known only in the coming time.

Lack of Appropriate Skills or Qualifications โ€“ To work in any industry, it is quite important to focus on the skills and qualifications required. However, most of the youth today have a degree but lack the appropriate skills that they should possess for a job.

On finding the reason for all this, we find fault in the basic education system somewhere. It is important to focus on communication, language or other relevant skills at the primary stage itself.

Women not being empowered โ€“ Most of the women leave the idea of โ€‹โ€‹taking a job after graduation. This is mainly due to the chances of marriage and other familial or social expectations being put into it.

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹working woman is still not widely accepted in India, while in today’s time most of the women aspires to build their career, paucity of time and family pressure always keeps them away from taking good opportunities. There has been a reason.

| the problem of educated unemployment

Among the educated unemployed, there are some people who are in a position of under-employment. They get some work done but this work is either not done according to their education or it is less than their capacity.

In this way their unemployment is hidden. There are also some educated persons who have not got some work, that is, they are openly unemployed.

Today the unemployment of the working class is not as much a concern as that of the educated class. The working class makes a living by getting some occasional work through labor, but the educated class is becoming a victim of both physical and mental ailments due to lack of livelihood.

He not only loses his health in the pursuit of practically zero book education, but also becomes indolent by turning away from physical labor. He experiences a kind of hesitation in the traditional profession.

Every year universities, colleges and schools are producing intellectuals, clerks and chair struggling babus. British Bureaucracy has gone from India but it has not gone from the mind of the people of India.

The student who came to the university to get higher education does not even think under IAS and PCS. The same is the case with high school and intermediate students. Knocking on the doors of police sub-inspector and railway jobs.

There are many people who are doing agriculture on a large scale. If we make good use of our education to do agriculture through scientific system, then the economic condition of the country will improve. But this does not happen because farming is considered a low level profession.

|educated unemployment figures

According to statistics, the number of unemployment in the country is more than 10 crores. The worst situation is in West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and Assam. The best states are Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

While 23 percent of the people were unemployed in the 2001 census , their number increased to 28 percent in the 2011 census . And after the Corona epidemic of 2020 , lakhs of people who had got jobs also had to lose their jobs.  

Meanwhile, the International Labor Commission also raised the issue of unemployment in India in its report. According to ILO, women employment is in crisis, opportunities for capital based employment are decreasing.

There are no more wages in sectors like agriculture. People are being evacuated from there. But these women can’t work in other categories like service sector right now because they don’t have that much qualification.

On the basis of educational qualification, you can see in the chart below what was the unemployment situation in 2019.

Statistic: Share of unemployment across India in 2019, by educational qualification | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

So overall this is educated unemployment in India and its condition, I hope it is understandable. Links of other important articles related to unemployment are being given below, for better understanding, must read them also.


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