Lockdown and Curfew are in a lot of discussion these days due to Corona, many people consider these two to be the same but there is some difference between these two,

In this article, we will discuss lockdown and curfew in a simple and easy way and try to know the difference between it, so read the article till the end;

lockdown and curfew
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what is lockdown?

Lock down is an administrative order which is implemented under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897 . This act is commonly used during severe nationwide crisis. As is being done in the case of corona virus.

As we know that right now India is passing through the second stage which is also known as local transmission .

What happens in this stage is that when a person infected with the origin of the virus comes in contact with his or her family members, the virus is transmitted to those people as well. 

The third stage is called community transmission , it is a stage in which the spread of its infection starts from person to person at the local level very rapidly. That is why it is considered a very dangerous condition.

The way this epidemic was spreading, it seemed that India was still standing at the entrance of this stage. The only reliable way to deal with it was to keep distance from each other at the social level i.e. social distancing.

To ensure this social distancing and to impose a complete ban on human activities, the lock down has been done. 

difference between lockdown and curfew  

As we know lockdown is an administrative order which is implemented under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.  Whereas, curfew is a procedure established under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Procedure Code.

Although curfew is also a type of order, but where the lockdown is done directly by the central or state government,
the district magistrate issues a release to implement the curfew. And in the place where this section is imposed, four or more people cannot gather.   

Generally, there is no provision of any kind of punishment in lockdown, on the contrary, necessary facilities are also provided by the government and administration, that is, whether you are well or not, the government takes care of it,

But if anyone violates section-144 during curfew, then he can be punished with imprisonment for four months or fine or both under section 188 of IPC. 

This is probably the first time the lockdown is being used. Whereas as far as curfew is concerned, it has been imposed from time to time as per the requirement. 

Lockdown is used in the most extreme situations, Whereas when it comes to curfew, it is used in a situation when law and order deteriorates at some place or there is a possibility of deteriorating.    

During the curfew, people are appealed to stay at home. And except for some essential services, all other services are stopped. Such as – offices, shops, factories and transport internet facility are all closed.

While essential services continue to run uninterrupted during the lockdown . Where possible, employees are asked to work from home,

And workers , staff or people related to essential services are given freedom to work. That is, the supply chain related to essential services is maintained .


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