Amazing and bizarre are both frequently used words. In English, ‘ amazing ‘ and ‘ bizarre ‘ are used for these two respectively.

In this article, we will discuss the amazing and bizarre in a simple and easy way and try to know the difference between it, then definitely read the article till the end; 💫 Key Differences

amazing and bizarre
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The Himalayan valleys are amazing and unforgettable. But there I saw a plant whose smell was so strange that even now my body shudders by remembering it.

Looking at this example, you must be understanding that after all there is a concept of amazing and bizarre . How much positive feeling is felt from the wonderful while how much negative feeling is felt from the bizarre . Let us understand in detail.

| What does amazing mean?

A amazing thing appears to be a miracle to see. It is time and intelligence relative. This means that  many years ago, the aircraft  was seen as a wonderful object, but today it is an ordinary object.

Similarly, for one who has not seen a train, it is wonderful, but for one who travels by it every day, it is an ordinary thing.

️ Amazingly a kind of positive curiosity comes in our mind. Makes us think. Something like this comes in my mind – Wow what a scene! Wonderful .

️ Often amazing things make us happy and stunned, like the wonderful valleys of the Himalayas. The concept behind the wonderful is that, because of our ignorance or little knowledge, we cannot understand or get to the bottom of many things. So us becomes wonderful to us. That is why it is said that the more knowledge one has, the less things are wonderful for him.

What does strange mean?

The one who is out of the ordinary, he is called bizarre. For example, today I got to see a strange animal. From the bizarre comes a kind of negative or disgusting feeling. My mind starts to feel a bit strange. For example, after falling in the drain, how strange it looks!

️ something that is new and unique, that generates curiosity, which is not usually easily seen everywhere; He’s also weird.

| Overall Difference Between Wonderful and Bizarre

Overall, bizarre is the one in which there is novelty or isolation in comparison to others. Like how bizarre that animal is.

️ Whereas in the wonderful there is more amount of astonishment than in the strange. Understand it with these two sentences- First, Ram’s arrow had amazing power and second, the natural beauty of Mussoorie is amazing.

In both these sentences, the use of bizarre in place of wonderful would not be logical.

️ Wonderful is often positive while bizarre is negative.

The wonderful captivates and stuns us with its uniqueness and singularity, while the bizarre is often disliked by us being the opposite of hope and imagination. For example, if it is said that the taste of this sweet is bizarre, then only a negative feeling comes in the mind towards that sweet, whereas if it is said that the taste of this sweet is amazing, then it seems as if it is so good. .  

️ In the strange there is room for conflicting possibilities; For example – he is a strange man, sometimes he laughs at some thing and sometimes starts crying on some thing.

️ Wonderful can sometimes be supernatural; For example, the Leela of God is wonderful. There may also be strange incomprehensible things; For example, putting a tie on a dhoti is a strange dress.


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