Conch has an important role in Hindu worship system. We only know about a few types of conch shells, but the world of conch shells is very vast, which are used in various types of religious rituals from eating.

So let us know – what is it and why does it have religious significance?

What is a conch shell?

The conch is nothing but the shell or shell of a large sea snail. In science, it is a gastropod mollusc of the Strombidae family ( Gastropoda Molluscs) .

These are of many types, which you can see in the pictures, but most of the conch shells of this family are not of our religious importance.


Rather, all small and large species of such live shellfish or snails are eaten as seafood in East Asia and other countries of the world. 

Many are also found near us. as you must have recognized it

And we even eat one member of this family, although we call it Doka.

Generally, the types of conch shells that are of religious importance to us do not belong to the Strambida family, but they belong to the Turbinellidae family .

Which we call Turbinella pyrum , which looks something like this. 


It is used as a blowing instrument by piercing the spiral spire of similar conch shells. The sound emitted by different types of conch shells is also different.  

Why do conch shells have religious significance?

According to Hindu belief, one of the fourteen gems obtained from the churning of the ocean is a conch shell. Both Lakshmi and Vishnu hold conch shell in their hands. 

According to the Vedas, the sound of conch shells is a symbol of victory. The war of Mahabharata also begins with the sound of conch shells by different warriors. 

Krishna blew Panchjanya, Yudhishthira Anant Vijay, Bhima Paundra, Arjuna Devadatta, Nakula Sughosha and Sahadeva blew the conch shells Manipuspaka. 

 At the same time, the name of Bhishma’s conch was Gaganabh, Duryodhana’s conch was dissected and Karna’s conch was Hiranyagarbha. 

It is a belief that the sound emanating from conch shells is of a particular frequency. So that it has a positive effect on the environment there. The whole atmosphere becomes devotional,

That is why it is considered a symbol of sacred energy. 

According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, the conch is a deity like the moon and the sun. Varuna resides in the central part, Brahma in the back and Ganga and Saraswati in the front.

Usually the conch shell opens on the opposite hand side. The conch shell of Lakshmi is going to open on the right hand side.

On the other hand, the conch shell of Vishnu is going to open on the Vamavarti i.e. on the opposite hand side.

conch bangles

Hindu women also wear bangles made of conch shells. It looks something like this.


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