In this article we will discuss what is the reason for the fragrance in flowers and how long have flowers been growing on earth? So do read the article till the end.

What causes fragrance in flowers, what does it have to do with pollination?

One of the most important of our five senses is the nose. His most important work is sniffing, yes I said the most important because people do many other things with the nose, such as – inserting a snake into the nose, singing a song through the nose, etc.

But as I said its main function is to smell. Almost all elements of life have odors. Food, wine, fruits, spices, vegetables and so on all have an odor.

But when there is talk of good fragrance and there is no talk of flowers, can it be good?

We all know that flowers have fragrance, but today we will talk about where does this fragrance come from flowers. So let’s know.  

Where does the fragrance of flowers come from?

Odor is typically a complex mixture of low molecular weight compounds emitted by flowers into the environment and its structure, color and odor play an important role in attracting pollinators.

In other words, scent is a signal that attracts or directs pollinators to a particular flower. Whose reward is pollen.

When the flowers are ready for pollination, the plant produces its fragrance at the maximum level to activate its potential pollinators.

Plants that maximize their fragrance production during the day are mainly pollinated by bees or butterflies,

Whereas the plants that release their fragrance at night are pollinated by insects and bats .

All this is a struggle to maintain their existence because without pollination they will not be able to reproduce.

Plants that are not ready for pollination produce less odor and are less attractive to pollinators than other flowers.

However, not all flowers have fragrance. Some flowers are odorless and some give off foul odor.

Although flowers may be similar in color or shape, there are no two floral scents that are the same.

This means that fragrance is a chemical compound which is different in different flowers.

The scent of rose is due to a chemical compound called geranyl acetate. The scent of jasmine is due to nerolidal. In the olden days, perfume was made from flowers only.

how long have the flowers been growing

Apart from the color and fragrance of the flowers, it is no less interesting to know how long the flowers have been growing in the earth. During a search, a US scientist discovered a plant that can be called the world’s first flowering plant.

This plant, found by botanists, is of Montesia Vidali species. It is believed that plants of this species used to grow in fresh water lakes of Spain more than 120 million years ago.

It had no petals on it and looks like a weed growing in a pond. A seed bearing fruit is seen on it. This plant can help us understand how flowering plants evolved and spread around the world.

प्लास्टिक की खोज कब और कैसे हुई?

मंदबुद्धि किसे कहते हैं?, इडियट किसे कहते हैं?

↗️स्वास्तिक क्या है? इसका धार्मिक महत्व क्यों हैं?

↗️काउंटडाउन क्या है? प्रक्षेपण से पहले काउंटडाउन क्यों किया जाता है?

↗️क्रिकेट के एक ओवर में छह गेंदे ही क्यूँ होते हैं?

↗️फूलों में सुगंध का क्या कारण है?

↗️रुपए पर लिखा ‘मैं अदा करने का वचन देता हूँ’ इसका क्या मतलब होता है।

↗️स्विस बैंक में पैसा रखना क्यूँ पसंद करते है लोग?

↗️लिपस्टिक लगाने की शुरुआत कब से हुई?