Capacity and Ability are two sides of the same coin as both are inter-related. It may also happen that you have the ability but not the required capacity and it may also happen that you have the capacity but not the ability.

What does all this mean? In this article, we will understand capacity and ability through some interesting examples and explore the differences between them, so read this article to the best of your ability.

capacity and ability
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Capacity and Ability

We usually use the terms capacity and ability in the same way, but both are two different things. Let’s find out how!

Let ‘s start with an example : Let’s say you have a bike whose maximum speed is 300 km/h.

Obviously you can’t drive that bike faster than that. So this 300 kmph is the capacity of that bike.

You also know that that bike can be taken up to 300 kilometers per hour. But the question is whether you have the ability to take that bike to that speed.

Let us understand with another example; Take a computer only, it has limitless capabilities but can you use it to its full potential.

Suppose you know graphic designing, then it is your ability that you are able to do that much while the power of the computer is many times more than that. So now after reading this much, you can say that whatever can be done is our capacity and what we are able to do is our ability.

Capacity in the physical world can be told through data. For example, the capacity of that truck is that it can carry 30 tons of load. But this cannot be done in human life. Just on the basis of our intelligence, conscience, consciousness, etc. we can tell the possibility that such a person has so much potential that he can become a billionaire, etc.

Many times we hear someone saying that he is working beyond his capacity. This in itself is contradictory. Suppose there is a glass.

Now its capacity is only as much as water can come in it. If you add more water, it will start falling out again. It is clear from this that it cannot hold more water than his capacity.

This shows that one cannot do more than one’s capacity. If doing so it means that he had underestimated his potential. And it happens, many people say that we only have the capacity to work for 8 hours. And if someday he has to work for 10 hours, then he says that I have worked more than my capacity.

But the truth is that either he has underestimated his ability or he has increased his capacity.

Because there is room to increase capacity. For example, if you want to increase the capacity of the above bike, then it can be done by making changes in its design and technology.

Similarly , the qualification can also be increased. how that? With the help of education, with the help of training, with the help of practice.

That is why it is called – Aham Brahmashmi ! That is, we have limitless abilities like Brahman. And if we also make ourselves capable to use our full potential, then we will also come in the category of divine human beings like Brahma.

Based on this, many motivational speakers keep saying that ‘you can do anything’.

This concept has also been used in Lucy movie. Where it has been told that we are able to use a very small percentage of our capacity. Because we are not able to reach our potential to that potential.

And how much we are capable now, it is known by the result of the work done by us. What we can do is our ability.

Ability is comparative. how that? Suppose a five year old child is comfortable in operating a computer. So we would say that this child is very deserving.

Now if this child turns 15 years old and still he comes as much as he used to come in 5 years. So shall we still tell him that it is deserving? Maybe not! Because his capacity has increased a lot since then, but the ability remains the same.

That is why it is said that we should always keep exploring our abilities and keep increasing our abilities accordingly. Now you must be understanding why when you apply for a job, you are asked about your qualifications and not your ability.

Overall difference in capacity and ability

difference between capacity and ability
Capacity is the highest state of anything that can be reached.
And ability is our position as far as we reach.
Capacity is usually used for physical goods.
Whereas ability is used for humans.
How capable you are can be known by your ability.
But how qualified you are, it shows the work done by you and its results.

difference between capable and able

You are capable doesn’t mean you are able

You may have heard this line above. In real life, we get to see so many aspects of the same thing that sometimes it becomes very difficult to find the perfect definition of something.

Let us understand this with an example ; Suppose you have a lot of money, your reach is very high. You took a degree from a university without studying on the basis of your influence.

So you can of course say that I am capable enough to take my degree without studying. But practically are you eligible for that degree. No. Of course not.

Just the opposite can happen, That you are able does not mean that you are capable . You understand this with this example.

Let’s say you like a girl, and you want to marry her because you think you’re worthy of her. Which is you too.

But there is another boy who is not as able as you but he is more capable than you. He takes it away, and you can’t do anything even though you were able because you weren’t capable. This could be one type of situation.

This way you would understand that theoretically things work in a completely different way. But when the same thing is fully included in the practice, then many aspects of it start coming in front of us.

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What is meant by capacity?

That is the highest state of anything that can be reached. itsThe term is usually used for physical objects.

What is meant by qualification?

Whatever can be done is our capacity and what we can do is our ability.

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