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Brain Puzzles

| Brain Puzzles with Answer

Puzzle 1
Three friends bought a book together, which cost 30 rupees. Everyone got 10-10 rupees together. As soon as they left the shop, the shopkeeper remembered that the book was running at a discount and was only worth Rs.25.
The honest shopkeeper quickly asked his servant to return Rs 5. When the servant returned Rs 5, the three friends were happy and gave a tip of Rs 2 to that servant and divided 1 rupee among themselves.
After some time a friend said in surprise that we spent 9 – 9, that’s why the cost of the book was Rs 27 and then gave a tip of Rs 2 – that means 27 + 2 = 29 but we had given 30 rupees then where did 1 rupee go? Now you want to know where did 1 rupee go?
Puzzle 2
You have to play a game with your friend, in which both the people will say a number (whole number) in turn. Whoever says 50 first will win.
The rule of the game is that the first man has to say a number from 1 to 10 (including 10), then the second man can say one more and up to 10 more than the first man. Again the first man can speak one more and up to ten more than the second man. Until one man speaks 50.
Example – If the first man says 8, then the second man has to say the numbers from 9 to 18. Now if he said 13, then the first man has to say a number from 14 to 23. If you were given a chance to speak first, what number would you say and what would be your winning trick?
Puzzle 3
You have been sentenced to death. After this you are given the last chance to save your life. You are given 50 white marbles and 50 black marbles along with two bowls.
You will use both those bowls to pick up the marbles, but all the marbles must come in both the bowls, first you will be allowed to fill those bowls and then your eyes will be covered, then you have to pick up one of them. If it is white, then the death sentence will remain intact, otherwise you will get life, so tell me what will you do, which will give you the maximum chance of life?
Puzzle 4
Five friends are practicing throwing javelin among themselves. Mohan throws javelin 5 yards, Suresh 4.5 yards, Deepak 3.5 yards, Seema 4.5 yards and Gayatri throws 3.5 yards, then if the javelin throw attempts of all these are combined into one, then how many feet will be the answer?
Puzzle 5
How many squares are in chess board?

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Puzzle 6
What will be the next number – 1 – 11 – 21 -1211 -111221 – 312211 – ??
Puzzle 7
How much soil will be in a 10 ft long, 6 ft wide and 3 ft deep empty pit?
Puzzle 8
20 birds make 20 nests in 20 days, then in how many days will one bird make one nest?
Puzzle 9
A merchant had three sons. None of the sons was interested in business. The whole business was handled by his manager. Unfortunately one day the merchant fell ill and there was no chance of his survival, so he wrote a will and he wrote half of all his property in the name of his eldest son. Half of the remaining property was written in the name of his middle son and half of the remaining half in the name of his younger son.
After death, all the sons shared their respective shares, but at one place, the shape got stuck in a dilemma. It happened that his father had left 7 horses, so the horse had to be cut in order to distribute it according to the will. No one was ready to compromise, he wanted everything exactly as his father had written in the will.
These people were very worried, could not understand what to do, then he saw a gentleman riding on a horse, the three brothers stopped him and told the whole story and said that now solve this matter. How do you think the passerby would have resolved this issue without cutting the horse?
Puzzle 10
Only one word has to be filled in these five blanks –
There is …………. sweeter than honey.
There is ………….. hotter than the sun.
The king wants ………. .
The fakir has ……………. .
He who eat ………… will die.

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Puzzle 11
A person went from Patna to Ranchi in his car and then came back from Ranchi to Patna. On his return to Patna, he noticed that his car had a tire puncture, while on the way he did not face any problem. How? 
Puzzle 12
There are 50 birds sitting on a tree. A hunter comes and shoots his gun to hunt, due to which two birds instantly die and fall under the tree, tell how many birds are left on the tree?
Puzzle 13
It takes one hour to dry one dhoti in the sun, then how long will it take to dry 10 dhotis?
Puzzle 14
A monkey climbs a smooth pole 10 m long. After jumping two meters he slips down one meter, then in how many jumps will he be on the top of the roof?
Puzzle 15
I can see up to a kilometer with one eye, then how many kilometers will be clearly visible with both eyes?
Puzzle 16
If the sound of one bell is heard by 5 people sitting there, then how many people will hear the sound of three bells?
Puzzle 17
On the day of Diwali, 50 lamps are burning in the house. One lamp burns for one hour, then how long will 50 lamps burn?
Puzzle 18
Four people are crossing a bridge at night, so they all need a torch. But they have only one torch which only lasts for 15 minutes. With the torch Ram can cross that bridge in one minute, Shyam in two minutes, Babu Rao in five minutes and Devi Prasad in eight minutes. The problem is that no more than two people can cross at a time; And when the two cross, they have to go slow. Still they cross the bridge in 15 minutes but how?

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| Brain Puzzles – Answers

It is wrong to add it in such a way that 27+2=29 ; Because two rupees of a tip is only in 27 rupees – a book of 25 and a tip of 2. 3 rupees were returned to him, thus 25 book + 2 tip + 3 rupees = 30 rupees.
If you say 6, you can win . For this you have to say 6 then 17, then 28, then 39, and then 50. Since all these numbers are 11 more than the one before you. It doesn’t matter what number the other person says.
You will put a white marble in a bowl. And put all the rest (50 black and 49 white) in another bowl. There is a 50 – 50 probability of the bowl containing a white marble. And there is a 50-50 chance that the other bowl also has 50 black and 49 white marbles.
204 square
13112221, the next digit denotes the first digit – e.g. 1 followed by 11, then 11 followed by 21, then 1211. Thus 13112221 will be.
Nothing, because the pit is already empty?
That passerby had a horse, so first of all he gave his horse as a gift to all three of them. In this way, now he has a total of 8 horses. According to the will, the eldest son was to get half, so he got 4 horses. (4 horses left) The middle son had to get half of the remaining half, so he got 2 horses. (2 horses left) The youngest son was to get half of the remaining property, so he got 1 horse out of 2 horses. Altogether 4+2+1 =7 horses got all three and the same number of horses were left by his father. And that passerby took his horse and went on his journey.
Because the tire with Stepney was punctured.
0, Birds will not stay on the tree after hearing the sound of gunshot.
One hour
nine jumps
one kilometer
five people; Now that only five people are sitting, it is natural that only five people will hear it.
up to an hour
Ram and Shyam cross the bridge in the first two minutes, and Ram comes back alone with the torch in a minute. Then the two slowest men, Babu Rao and Devi Prasad, cross in eight minutes. 11 minutes have passed, Shyam returns to pick up Ram in two minutes, and then in the last two minutes Ram and Shyam return to the other side of the bridge. He crossed it in exactly 15 minutes.

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