There is no shortage of educational websites on the Internet, yet all are not of our use and sometimes the websites of work are left out of our sight. In this article we will discuss what are the best educational websites for students in India. 📌 Top 10 and More

Note – All the websites listed here are based on personal experience and Internet research. No website is being promoted, all this is just for your convenience.

best educational websites for students
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Listing of Best educational websites

Putting all the websites together, things get a bit confusing, that’s why we have listed it by categorizing it so that with the help of the content list, it is easy for you to find the necessary website. For now you will get 7 categories here, which may increase in future. So let’s explore the best educational websites;

1. Best educational websites for students in India offered by Government

| SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) – SWAYAM was launched by the Ministry of Education on July 2017 . Here courses are available from class 9 to post graduation. The portal offers free downloadable study material, video lectures, discussion forums and online tests from over 1600 courses.

Enroll whatever course you want to do and your course will be finished in a predetermined period. After successful completion of the course, students can get a certificate in lieu of token fee. [ Swayam App ]

| DIKSHA Portal – This is an online government portal launched by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. The purpose of which is to prepare a better teacher and according to today’s demand.

To say, this is for the teacher, but even if you do not want to become a teacher, then you should definitely visit once from here. Here it is explained through experiment. This strengthens your grip on the subject matter.

Here class 1 to class 12 is covered. There are more than 80,000 e-books available for class 12th students in multiple languages. According to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, about 30000 people are reading on it daily. [ Diksha App ]

| National Digital Library of India (NDLI) – Ministry of Education launched the National Digital Library of India (NDLI) project to develop a framework for virtual store of learning resources under its National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology Is. It is designed to provide support for all educational levels. It has the following characteristics;

  • Single window search facility for ever-growing digital content repository
  • Different ways to browse content stores
  • Filtering search results
  • Content relevant to different levels of users
  • Materials available for various subjects: Technology, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences etc.
  • Features of NDLI App

 | e-PG Pathshala – It is an initiative of Ministry of Education under its National Mission on Education executed by UGC . It provides high quality, curriculum-based, interactive e-content in 70 disciplines related to social sciences, arts, fine arts and humanities, natural and mathematical sciences. Although it is for Post-Graduate student.

| E-ShodhSindhu – Jointly planned by the Ministry of Education and Government of India, E-ShodhSindhu is a digital library that provides access to e-resources such as magazines, e-books etc. for higher education. Here you can avail the services of all educational institutions like Central and State Universities and Colleges.

| National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) – It was initiated in 2003 by seven Indian Institutes of Technology (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and Roorkee) along with Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Under this, five core subjects were identified (Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) and courses on it in video format were developed.

Later on it was further expanded. Its goal is to make Aspirants Domain Expert. From here you can also get the certificate.

| Virtual Labs – It is a digital consortium established by the Government of India in collaboration with the Ministry of Education under NME-ICT . Its main objective is to provide remote-access to laboratories in various disciplines of science and engineering. These Virtual Labs are useful for graduate level, post graduate level as well as researchers.

| Swayam Prabha – It is a group of 34 DTH channels dedicated to broadcast high quality educational programs on 24X7 basis. Under this, there will be new material every day for at least 4 hours, which will be repeated 5 times in a day, so that students will be able to choose the time of their convenience. If you are thinking of studying through TV channel then this is great.

2. Best educational websites for students regarding online courses

| Udemy: Online Courses – This is a very good platform for learning and teaching. From here you can learn a lot like IT and software, academic classes, music, designing, photography etc. Overall, such courses will be found here which are not usually available in school or college, while it is according to the demand of the market. It is better to tell more, try yourself. [ Udemy App ]

| Coursera – This is an amazing platform from where you can learn your favorite skill from experts from more than 200 universities and companies around the world. Hundreds of free courses are available here, so if you want to check its quality, then first try the free course, you will definitely like it. From here you can also get a degree.

| FutureLearn – This is also similar to Coursera. Whether you want to grow as a professional or find a new hobby, there are online courses on almost all subjects. It also offers degrees.

If you have a dream to study and get a certificate from the world’s most famous university, then you can definitely fulfill it from here. From short term courses to long term courses are available here. You can do certificate course from big universities of the world in very less money. 

| edX – It is also a big name in providing Online Professional Skill Based Courses. Here you can do many courses related to Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Business & Management, Engineering, Humanities etc.

| Elearnmarkets – If you want to become proficient in the stock market then this platform is for you. Here courses from Beginners to Advance level are available. They claim that they will develop such professional skills in you that will be able to position you well in today’s financial market . To know how the courses are, you can also try free courses first.

| OpenLearning – This is also a platform providing online courses. If you want, you can also look at it as an option, although the price of the courses may be a bit high here.

| Physics by HC Verma – If you want to study Physics, that too from the well-known professor of this field, HC Verma, then you can read from here. Believe me, you will enjoy reading from here, I have done the course from here. The best part is that if you successfully complete the course then you will also get a certificate from IIT Kanpur.

| Bonus – Alison (from here you can do more than 1350 certificate courses for free that too from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT and Cambridge), Udacity (This is also a decent platform where learners can learn the skills they need come).

3. Best educational websites for students regarding video tutorials

| Khan Academy – These are completely free platforms from where you can study from class 1 to class 12. Here you will also get video tutorials in Hindi, that’s why it is also a good option for Hindi speaking students to study for free.

| TED – You must have heard about this because many of his videos are very popular on youtube. Overall, TED is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short but powerful talks. To explore its true potential, definitely visit its site.

| Free Video Lectures – It was started with the aim of bringing free educational video lectures to all. Here all the video lectures are of top universities. These video lectures are class room recordings by scholars, professors, scientists and researchers from top universities of the world. So if you want a lot for free then this is for you.

| Youtube  There is no need to tell about it, today there is hardly anything that is left out of youtube. Today there is no harm in saying that youtube has become an education hub.

| Howcast – This is an amazing platform because here you will find such videos which will thrill you. For example, here you will find tons of creative videos related to hair and makeup, sports and fitness, and food and family, dance and entertainment, arts and crafts, and health and relationships.

| Futures Channel – This is a different type of platform where you will get to see some different types of videos. It partners with various schools as well as publishers, science centres, professional development service providers, related websites to provide high quality real-world digital content to enhance their educational objectives. ,

| Bonus – Big Think (for making own opinion), Brightstorm (to solve math problems) and CosmoLearning (for academic and skill based learning)

4. Best educational websites for students regarding code learning

| Codecademy – Learning Coding is very beneficial in today’s time because it is an emerging field. Basic coding can be learned from here for free, money will have to be paid for Advance.

| W3Schools – One of the best platform to learn coding in Free. From here you can learn html, js, c++, css, python etc. It is like a treasure for the coding learners.

| HTML Dog – This website mainly focuses on html, css and java script. That is why here you will find all the tutorials related to it in a sequence. This is a good platform to start with.

| RubyMonk – A good platform to learn Ruby for free. The tutorial present here is quite interactive which you will like very much.

| CodingBat – This platform is mainly made for coding practice. Going through several practice problems is a great way to strengthen your understanding of how code is supposed to work. Jawa and python can be practiced here.

| Learn Code the Hard Way – This platform provides very interactive pdf for learning coding. If you have a passion for reading or want to learn by reading yourself, then this platform is for you.

5. Best educational websites for Learning Language

| Verbling – If you are looking for online english tutor, maybe you will find it here. This is a good place to learn language if you are able to spend 1000 rupees or more per hour.

| Busuu – You can learn a lot from here for free, although you may have to pay some money to learn a little advance. Still, it is a good platform to learn basic english.

| Lingualia – This is an AI (artificial intelligence based platform from where you can learn English. The process of learning English is divided into several steps, which makes it easy to understand. However, here you will have to spend money.

It is important to know here that there are many easy and free ways to learn English, with the help of which one who does not know anything can also learn English. A separate article for that how-to is available on the site, you should check it out. Watch from here – How to learn English at home in Hindi

6. Best websites for Online Books

| Gutenberg – If you are fond of reading English novels and literature etc. and want to read all this for free, then you can visit here, there is a stock of those books which are copyright free. You can also download it.

| LibriVox – If you like listening to books more than reading them, then you can visit here, here you will get to listen to many audiobooks in English for free. Hindi audiobooks are also available here but they are very limited, you may not find your favorite here.

| Internet Archive  –  This is a completely free platform where millions of books, movies, software, podcasts and webpages etc. are available. There is so much material available here in Hindi too that you might get tired of studying. Some such books which you may not even find in the market in today’s date will be found here on searching. Overall, this is the entire ocean, dive as deep as you can.

| JIO Magazines  –  In today’s time, many websites are available on the internet to read magazines, but in all you have to subscribe, but there is nothing like this here, at least not for now. This can be a good platform for Hindi speaking people because here you will get to read different types of magazine for free. Here Automobile, Health, Business, Science and tech. And there are many magazines available related to education etc. Apart from this, Newspapers are also available here, so overall you will not feel the lack of content by using it.

| ResearchGate  –  If you like to read research papers, then here you can read many research papers related to engineering, biology, computer science, chemistry, social science, astrophysics and medicine. Yes, but it is in English, but if you want, you can read in Hindi with the help of any tool.

7. Best miscellaneous educational websites for students

| Speed ​​Reader – This website has been designed for you to learn to read very fast. Paste whatever you want to read in the given box and get started………. ,

| Kidswebindia – There is a lot available here for kids like Rhymes, Stories, Art play, Riddles, puzzles and many more. But it is more beneficial for those children who know English because this site is completely in English. For those whose mother tongue is Hindi or any other language, there may be some problem here.

| Mathway – It provides the necessary tools for students to understand and solve their math problems. If any question is not being solved by you, then just paste it here or if you want, you can also take a photo and put it. Hope you will get your answer.

| WolframaAlpha – This is a great platform to get answers to a lot of things. It’s a little hard to explain how it works, but it works great. You must definitely visit it once. There is so much to explore here that you might have to visit this site many times.

| Animagraffs – This is also a wonderful website that tells you how some machines work through proper 3D animations. Such as – sewing machine, gun, car engine, violin, speaker, eye etc. You must definitely visit it. 

| Test Your Vocab – If you have to assess your word power then this can be useful for you. You will know with the data that your vocab. How strong.

| Vikaspedia – Maybe you have heard its name too. This is a site run by the Government of India and I would say it is a very useful site. Just like Wikipedia but in Indian style. It will make you aware of those information which will not only help you in competitive exams but will also increase your common sense. Because here you will get to read a very deep level article.

| DDE LNMU – Here ebooks related to Graduation and Post graduation will be available for free which you can download and read.

| wonderhindi – And you must have known about it. You must stay connected with this site because here you will enjoy every time you learn difficult things in simple, easy and enjoyable language. On this site, you can understand the constitution completely, along with it you can read many key differences, and much more is going to come, then you must stay connected with it.

Overall, that’s all for now in this article called best educational websites for students in India. As soon as we get to know about the best websites, we will add it to this. For the time being, a link to some other articles is given below, be sure to read it too. Comment if you want to suggest something.

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