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Amazing websites for fun

Best Amazing websites for fun

The world of the Internet is amazing, we come to know this when we have been searching here for something else and found something else. But such things are found that we get lost in it for a while.

We know that there will be billions of sites on the internet, but this world is so big that it becomes impossible to explore all its things. In such a situation, we remain deprived of some of the wonders present on the Internet.

You should not be deprived of it, that’s why in this article today we are going to talk about some such amazing websites for fun, which people generally do not know about.

While some of it is of great use, some of it is very funny! So let’s know about these websites one by one. Links of all the websites have been given so that you can access them easily.

Listing of Amazing websites for fun with description

Prank your Friends – The way computers are hacked in movies, hack using coding in the same way and surprise people. When you use it you will understand how computer is hacked in Science Fixen movie.

Hacker Typer – If you want to become a hacker, even without studying then visit this website. This is the same site as above, here you can make yourself feel like a hacker. No one can learn such hacking without any study.

Pointer Pointer – If time is not passing then this is also a good site for fun. After opening this website, wherever you touch or move the cursor on the screen. You will find some pictures pointing there. Try it, you will be surprised that how does this happen?

Zoomquilt – How much you can zoom in on something. If you look at this website, you will see that it will be zoomed. You’ll have to come back exhausted yourself. This is quite funny. The picture shown in it is very good. So it would be nice to see you.

Find the Invisible Cow – What happens on this? Here the voice of the cow will be heard, that too continuously, again and again, so definitely listen.

EssayTyper – If you do not know typing then do not worry, just choose any topic of your choice on this website and press whatever comes to your mind on the keyboard. You will know how good a typist you are. It is good to have fun with your friends.

MapCrunch – If you are not able to roam in this pandemic, then it does not matter, visit this site. This will take you to a random place where you can see 360 ​​degree views. The funny thing is that it will show you such places which you would definitely like to visit.

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Robot Dancer  – This is a wonderful website. The way the robot wants to dance on music – get it done! If you are getting bored with your daily work then here you can remove your boredom. Of course you will like it. I have not tried on mobile but on desktop or laptop it is made on seeing it.

Paper Toilet – If you enjoy rolling toilet paper rolls, then go here and spin. Here you will get a toilet paper completely, your job is just to take the paper out of it and spend it.

T-Rex game – If you use Google Chrome, then at some point of time this T-Rex game must have come on your screen due to slow internet connection, you must have scored well, but if you use it on full network. If you want to play together then you can play. Just click on this link.

Scream Into the Void – Write your feeling here and then see how it is shouted. You can take out all your anger here.

Snake Game – If you miss the snake game of earlier Nokia phones then this is for you. You can refresh your old memories from here. The same people can play snake game on the big screen.

Shady URL – Want to scare your friends a little? So shorten any url from here. This will change the original url to a url that looks suspicious.

Pacman Game – This is a pacman game like the above game, it was also very popular at one time. You can play it too if you want. It’s just as fun as the t-rex.

Stellarium – If you want to see the visible cosmos and the cosmic body virtual, then reach here. If you see it in desktop then it will be more fun. Its good thing is that it will also tell you many facts about it. So do visit.

Wallpaper – As the name suggests, this is a wallpaper site. Some wallpapers will be shown in it. Not much, just a few, that’s why just want to divert your mind for a while, then definitely go here and see.

2048 games – Don’t give up until 2048 is reached. Although it seems to be made for kids but adults can also play it to pass the time.

Google Archive – When Google was initially formed, its site was something like this. Go and search for how it was and see for yourself how it was.

Freerice – For every correct answer you get on this online vocab quiz, the sponsors of Freerice will donate the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program .

RADIO GARDEN – This is an amazing tool, it would be better to visit and explore it yourself than to tell what it does. To understand, understand that whatever it is related to radio and here you will be shown the world map. Wherever you see a dot, just click on it and then see what happens.

There is an alternative site for this, whose design is slightly different and the way of working is also slightly different. If you want, you can try it too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. – Radiooooo

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Bonus Amazing websites for fun

MuscleWIki – Here the full muscled body will be shown, the workout related to whichever part you click on will be told to you. Its interface is very simple that’s why you will like it very much.

Internet Live Stats  – Find out how many Tweets, Instagram posts and emails are being sent in real-time! Although it does not make any special sense, yet for those who like data, these are amazing figures.

This Is Sand – This is a wonderful platform, if you want to become a sand artist then just come here and become. There is no shortage of sand here, you can use as much as you want. You’ll really enjoy it when you make something out of it.

Shark Tracker – If you want to see in real time the sharks on which the tracker has been installed, then you can see it from here. This is also a good thrill. At least some questions will definitely come to mind.

Gravity Points  – Create gravity in the empty space and see what happens. If you want, you can also create many gravity points. You will see bodies circling around it.

Instructables – If you want to make a lot by yourself but can’t make it then you can visit here to get step-by-step guide. Pictures have been used so that it will be easy for you to understand. Although it is not available in Hindi. If you understand English, then it is pleasant for you to sleep.

Space Jam – If you do not want to download any software or apps, still want to play the game, then you can visit here. There are currently 4 games available here which are lightweight and easy to play and can be played on a browser like chrome.

Quick, Draw – Whatever you draw here, the computer will try to guess it and you will hear its voice. Good to pass the time. Actually this is an initiative of google to make a robot shape recognizable.

Rainy Mood – If you want to enjoy the rain without getting wet, then you can take it from here. It will make you feel the rain even in the cold. And you can use it in other ways also.

List of Conspiracy Theories – This is a page on wikipedia from where you can see all the conspiracy theories that have come to the fore so far. You can read it from the point of view of knowledge and also from the point of view of fun. – This is a very creative site, from here you can draw cosmos. Actually it’s so much fun, you just keep clicking fingers and some designs keep happening. good to relax.

Amazing websites on internet – If you are not satisfied with this much and want to see something new, then definitely read this article, about 50 amazing websites have been listed here also with description.

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