In this article, we will discuss the bad effect of unemployment in a simple and easy way, and try to understand its various important aspects, So to understand well, definitely read the article till the end and also read other articles related to unemployment, the link of all is given below; ๐Ÿ’ก Social and Politics

bad effect of unemployment
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| What is unemployment?

All those persons, who are engaged in any work by which money is earned, then such persons are said to be employed or employed or employed;

But sometimes a person wants to earn money and he also looks for work but he does not get work, such persons are called unemployed and this situation is called unemployment.

There are many reasons for the persistence of unemployment , such as

  • slow economic growth
  • increase in population
  • faulty education system
  • Industrialization
  • Rural-urban migration, etc.

Of course, all these situations can be dealt with, but if unemployment is not eliminated for some reason, then its consequences can be very fatal, more or less it can be seen in developing countries like India.


| bad effect of unemployment

Employment is the basic basis of human livelihood. It is a powerful means of fulfilling the primary and basic need of human being to satisfy hunger and thirst. But the unemployed person has to face many problems.

In times of crisis, the unemployed person becomes a burden not only for his family, for the society, for the community and even for the nation.

In order to earn his living and provide nourishment to his dependents, he becomes ready to do many misdeeds. Diversionary tendencies are awakened in him. The deviant behavior then forces the disruptive to behave. This ultimately disturbs the social structure.

Unemployed person starts behaving undisciplined, characterless and idealistic. And suffering from poverty and misery, starved of poverty, indebted, recovering from living like dogs and cats, turns towards theft, dacoity, smuggling, violence and many other types of criminal activities.

Openly commits crimes like prostitution, begging, suicide etc. In this way the whole society, the whole community, the whole nation is affected by unemployment.

Many types of social problems arise from unemployment, economic problems arise in the country. People’s health is damaged, the mind becomes dysfunctional, its aspirations die, the sense of honor and responsibility dies and becomes so indebted that then the feelings of individual, family, community and national progress are destroyed.

The bad effect of unemployment are presented here in the following points โ€“

Personal dissolution

Unemployment is very dangerous for a young person, for people in loss of livelihood, for persons engaged in partial employment and for low-paid persons.

It has the highest number of unemployed persons . Like illiterate unemployed persons, educated unemployed persons have a major role in theft, dacoity, smuggling, violence, gambling, drinking etc. Unemployment thus paves the way for individual disintegration.

Family breakdown

Not only does personal disintegration of a person hurt by unemployment, it is also the source of family disintegration. Lack of money gives rise to trouble at every step, worry and discord.

When the members of the family do not get enough food, when clothes are not available to cover the body, when there is no house to live and when they have to be deprived of other facilities of life, then there is a break in the relationship between husband and wife. And divorce happens. Children become orphans. They start doing scrap work in the streets.

Social Disruption

Unemployment which leads to individual disintegration and family disintegration is also the cornerstone of social disintegration. As a result of unemployment, the attitude of unemployed persons becomes sharp, their social life starts becoming empty. The sense of community begins to erode.

This individualism also increases crime by giving rise to many types of problems, which is a direct form of social disintegration.

Community disintegration

The cornerstone of community organization is “community spirit” i.e. the ‘feeling of us’. Community disintegration begins when man withdraws from community cooperation and consensus.

He ceases to participate in community life, in community interest. And starts getting stressed and sometimes tries to sow the seeds of revolution in the society.

Promoting terrorism

Unemployment fuels terrorism. Unemployed persons are angry towards the society, towards the government for their present condition. Their thinking becomes negative, they think that if this society cannot fulfill their aspirations of getting suitable employment then it must be ruined. With this they want to do organized violence against the state.

Youth unemployment has played an important role in increasing terrorism in Punjab and Assam. Both the states have had the same problem of having large numbers of youth unemployed.

Thus it is clear that the bad effect of unemployment prove to be very fatal. Unemployed person’s life gets disintegrated, it also disintegrates family and society.

loss of nation

Unemployed person not only does nothing for himself, but also he is not able to contribute in the development of the nation, and when the number of such people starts increasing, then it also has a big impact on the growth of the economy.

Because they themselves are not doing anything, that’s why the government has to do something for them and in such a situation, the government spends the same money which other people have deposited with the government in the form of tax; Whereas those money could have been used to improve the lifestyle further.

According to the Human Development Index 2020 , India’s rank is 131st out of 189 countries, which is not telling the good condition of India at all. In such a situation, if unemployment is controlled in some way, then surely we will get an improved and respectable rank in the Human Development Index next time.

So overall these are the bad effect of unemployment; Hope you have understood. Below are the links of some other articles related to unemployment, read them for better understanding;

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