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article 7
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📜 Article 7

7. Rights of citizenship of certain migrants to Pakistan — Notwithstanding anything in articles 5 and 6, a person who has after the first day of March, 1947, migrated from the territory of India to the territory now included in Pakistan shall not be deemed to be a citizen of India:

Provided that nothing in this article shall apply to a person who, after having so migrated to the territory now included in Pakistan, has returned to the territory of India under a permit for resettlement or permanent return issued by or under the authority of any law and every such person shall for the purposes of clause (b) of article 6 be deemed to have migrated to the territory of India after the 19th of July 1948.

🔍 Explanation

Citizenship is described in Part II of the Constitution of India, under which there are a total of seven articles from Articles 5 to 11. There is no permanent law in the constitution to ensure Indian citizenship. Rather, under Article 11, it was left to the Parliament to make suitable permanent law in this regard. And the Parliament enacted the Citizenship Act in the year 1955 for the purpose of implementing the same.

[An article exists on this topic, you must read it – Citizenship: Meaning, Acquisition, Termination etc.]

But till this law was not made, then who will be considered as a citizen of India and who will not, this has been mainly mentioned from Article 5 to 8. And under this, in this article, we are going to understand Article 7.

| Article 7 – Rights of citizenship of persons who have migrated from India to Pakistan and re-enter India

A person who migrated from India to Pakistan after March 1, 1947, but later returned to India for resettlement, can get Indian citizenship, but he will have to give an application to the Government of India and after that for 6 months Must reside in India.

That is to say, such a person is deemed to have come after 19th July, 1948 and is registered as per section 6(b). And thus that person is considered a citizen of India.

So all in all this is article 7, hope you understand. To understand other articles, you can use the link given below.

  1. What is Domicile?

    Domicile is the place where a person's residence is fixed and from where he has no desire to change his residence at present. The domicile of origin of a person does not change unless he legally takes up another domicile.

    Despite this, the domicile of origin is usually associated with a person. For example, someone who was born in India but is now a citizen of the United States is still called a person of Indian origin.

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