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Article 1 to 395 [img freepik]

Articles 1 to 395 – Indian Constitution

Article 1 to 395 of the Indian Constitution have been compiled on this page. All explanations are available. Select the required article as desired and read it.

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Article Wise Constitution of India

Article 1▶️Hin.
Article 2▶️Hin.
Article 3▶️Hin.
Article 4▶️Hin.
Article 5▶️Hin.
Article 6▶️Hin.
Article 7▶️Hin.
Article 8▶️Hin.
Article 9▶️Hin.
Article 10▶️Hin.
Article 11▶️Hin.
Article 12▶️Hin.
Article 13▶️Hin.
Article 14▶️Hin.
Article 15 ▶️Hin.
Article 16▶️Hin.
Article 17▶️Hin.
Article 18▶️Hin.
Article 19▶️Hin.
Article 20▶️Hin.
Article 21▶️Hin.
Article 21AHin.
Article 22▶️Hin.
Article 23▶️Hin.
Article 24▶️Hin.
Article 25▶️Hin.
Article 26▶️Hin.
Article 27▶️Hin.
Article 28▶️Hin.
Article 29▶️Hin.
Article 30▶️Hin.
Article 31▶️Hin.
Article 31AHin.
Article 31BHin.
Article 31CHin.
Article 32▶️Hin.
Article 33▶️Hin.
Article 34▶️Hin.
Article 35▶️Hin.
Article 36▶️Hin.
Article 37▶️Hin.
Article 38▶️Hin.
Article 39▶️Hin.
Article 39AHin.
Article 40▶️Hin.
Article 41▶️Hin.
Article 42▶️Hin.
Article 43▶️Hin.
Article 44▶️Hin.
Article 45▶️Hin.
Article 46▶️Hin.
Article 47▶️Hin.
Article 48▶️Hin.
Article 48AHin.
Article 49▶️Hin.
Article 50▶️Hin.
Article 51▶️Hin.
Article 51AHin.
◾ Article 52▶️Hin.
◾ Article 53▶️Hin.
◾ Article 54▶️Hin.
◾ Article 55▶️Hin.
◾ Article 56▶️Hin.
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—— Constitution of India : Article 1 to 395 ——