Before the year 2020, seats were reserved for Anglo Indians in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies, which were nominated by the President in the Lok Sabha and by the Governor in the Legislative Assembly.ย In this article, we will discuss Anglo Indian in a simple and easy way and understand various important facts related to it, then definitely read the article till the end-

Note โ€“ย By the 104th Constitutional Amendment 2020ย , the seats reserved for Anglo-Indians in the Lok Sabha and state legislatures have been abolished.ย That is, the reason for which Anglo Indian was often in the discussion has been abolished.

Anglo Indian

Who is Anglo Indian?

Often Anglo-Indians came into the limelight when they were nominated by the President to the Lok Sabha or by the Governor to the State Legislative Assembly.ย Butย it has been abolished by theย 104th Constitutional Amendment Act 2020 .ย That is, now he will not be nominated by the President in the Lok Sabha and by the Governor in the State Legislative Assembly.

Still, it is very interesting to know who are these people who were elected at one time without participating in the election process, that too in a meeting of the elected people.

Who are these people, where do they come from?

It was defined for the first time in the 1911 census, according to this:
1. It should be of mixed blood i.e. a mixture of Indian blood and European blood
2. The father side should always be European and the mother side should be Indian
3. The children of these people will all be Anglo Indians .  

The British left India on 15 August 1947, but there were about 30,000 people who did not, who were either from the European community or were children of European and Indian origin parents. It is difficult to say how many people of this community are in India now, because since the 1941 census, the census on the basis of caste and community in India has been closed. But it is estimated that their number is about 1.25 lakh, most of whom live in Kolkata and Chennai.

Anglo Indian according to the constitution

After the independence of India, it was given a constitutional form by making some amendments in their old beliefs.ย The definition of Anglo Indian under Article 366(2) of the Constitution of India is as follows-ย 

1. Father, grandfather or great-grandfather must be of European descent.

2. Mother and father should not be temporarily residing in India. This means that if the father is of European origin and the mother is of Indian origin but he is not permanently residing in India, Then he will not be considered as Anglo-Indian. 

3. The lineage should be male based. That is, the male side should always be European.

Provision for reservation of Anglo-Indians in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha

Under Article 331 of the Constitution, the Anglo-Indian community was given special representation in the Lok Sabha and under Article 333 in the State Legislative Assembly. However it has now been abolished.

Mussoorie-based writer Ruskin Bond, film actress Lara Dutta, cricketer Stuart Binny, Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien and cricketer Nasir Hussain are Anglo-Indians.