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Amazing websites

| Listing of Amazing Websites with description

Internet is like Aladdin’s lamp. If you rub it, many search engines like genie come out (such as google, bing, duck duck go etc.) and then it immediately spot whatever you say.

Yet this world is so big and the Internet is so wide that it becomes impossible to explore all its things. In such a situation, we remain deprived of some of the wonders present on the Internet.

You should not be deprived of it, that is why today we are going to talk in this article about some such amazing websites about which people generally do not know.

While some of it is of great use, some of it is very funny! So let’s know about these websites one by one. Links of all the websites have been given so that you can access them easily. This entire listing was divided into 3 parts which are as follows;

  • Most amazing websites on the internet that everybody should know
  • Amazing websites on internet for students
  • Secret websites on Google

| Most amazing websites on the internet that everybody should know

| You are Getting Old  – As soon as you enter your date of birth in this website, it tells the following things about you. 

  • How old, how many months and how many days are you now?
  • How many times has your heart beat so far?
  • How many times have you breathed so far?
  • How many times has the moon orbited the earth since your birth?
  • How many people were already present on this earth when you were born?
  • What was happening in the world on the day you were born, what events were happening.
  • What in the world was happening when you were 6 months old,
  • What important events were happening in the world when you were young?
  • How far have you traveled as the Earth revolved around the Sun?

I have told about only a few of its features, much more information is provided to you along with the data and the good thing is that you can also download your report card. 

| Find out the ‘Exact’ Time  – This website is special in that it tells the real time of any city in any country of the world. And you can easily compare the time of that country or city with the time of your country.

| Virus Total  – This is a web based virus detector. Often, many files and website links keep coming to us through social media and any other means, but we are often skeptical about how authentic it is or whether it is not a virus. Virus Total is a very handy online tool with the help of which you can check whether any website’s links and any files have virus or not; can find out. 

| Online FM Radio – If you are having trouble finding different radio stations, then this website will make your job easy. Almost all the radio channels have been collected here in sequence. Just click on the channel you want to listen and enjoy anywhere and anytime. The special thing is that you can listen to the radio channels of Delhi from anywhere else. 

| Hallucination – This is a website that creates confusion. You have to stare at the screen for a while. In no time you will feel that you have been hypnotized. You will see everything moving.

| FlagWaver  – Click here to create and fly your custom flag. This is a great Simulation based web app, where you can convert the photo of your choice into a waving flag. 

| India Road Trip Help – This website is very beneficial for those who go on road trips. Trip planning and management can be done from here. From here you can also see the price of petrol running at any petrol pump, which can be easy in budgeting.

| Transfer any Files  with We Transfer and File Pizza – Although social media has made files transfer and sharing very easy, the problem comes when those files are very large such as 1 GB, 2 GB or even bigger files. .

In such a situation, with the help of these two platforms, you can easily send from the smallest files to the largest files anywhere in the world.

It is very easy to use both. In the first one, you can transfer files up to 2 GB for free. For files larger than that, you have to spend some money. While the second one is absolutely free. The first one is an email based system.

Where you are required to give your email and the email of whom you want to send. The download link is sent to the same email. The second one is very easy, just upload your file and the download link will be generated automatically. 

| PASSWORD GENERATOR – This is a good tool to generate password, just tell the number of characters you want to keep the password, it will generate a paasword and give it to you.

| Zamzar  – Converting from one file format to another is now very easy. It is special in the sense that here all the file format options are available in one place. And it’s also very easy. 

| HEMMINGWAY APP – It helps to make your writing bold and clear. It tells many things, such as common errors, highlight feature etc. If you are fond of writing then you can use it.

| Eat This Much  – This is very useful for those people who are dieting. You can calculate from here that how much food and what you should eat to meet the calories you have fixed.  

| My Fridge Food – This is also for dieting only, here you can learn to make a healthy diet from different types of fruits and vegetables. For example, if you have only eggs, then what can you make from it and how many calories you will get from it, you can know.  

| Silky Design In Seconds! – This is a very unique website. With this, you can create a very beautiful graphical design, that too by simply moving the fingers from here to there. You can also use it As a Fun because as soon as you move your fingers on it, something will happen that will excite you.

| A Soft Murmur – This is also a wonderful site. This website allows you to independently adjust the volume of each of its five sound effects, creating an outdoor environment that resembles your favorite soothing activity. The “waves” and “fires” of the beach, the “rains” and “roars” can be heard by anyone.

| Background Remover  – You do not have to do anything, just put your photo there and after that whatever you want to do, it will do it itself. After that all you have to do is download. You can edit there too. Very useful website. 

| Meme Generator – Nowadays the era of memes is going on, social media is its means. But if you want to create memes and put them on social media, then this tool is of your use because you can easily generate memes from here.

| Gravity Points – It is better to tell what it is, you visit yourself and see what happens. Good to take a break from your work.

| VIDEO TO GIF – The special thing about this site is that here you can enter the URL and easily make a gif of any part of it. Creating gif is very easy here.

| HowStuffWorks – How things work; You will find many things on this site that you would like to know. Here you will definitely find your favorite content.

| RADIO GARDEN – This is a wonderful tool, it would be better to visit and explore it yourself than to tell what it does. To understand, understand that whatever it is related to radio.

| Giphy – If you’re looking for the right gifs but can’t find it, then maybe you should come here, you might find it here.

| Imgur – It aggregates the most viral images of the week and collects them all in one place for your scrolling and enjoyment. You can use Imgur for time-wastering, if your not wasting time.

Note – If you want to understand the Constitution of India from the beginning, then definitely see this listing – Constitution of India ]

| Amazing websites on internet for students

| Ancient Earth Globe – If you are curious that what the earth would have looked like 10 million years ago, 20 million years ago, 10 million years ago or 50 million years ago. Then this website is of great use to you because here you can go back as much as you want and see the earth of that time in exactly 3D model. You will definitely enjoy seeing the earth of that time.  

| Animagraffs – This is a slightly different type of website that tells you how some machines work through proper 3D animation. Such as – sewing machine, gun, car engine, violin, speaker, eye etc. You must definitely visit it. 

| Pixel Thoughts  – If something is bothering you or you are worried about something, then write your problem here and read and read carefully whatever is visible on the screen for the next 1 minute. Maybe your troubles will be over.

| Unit Converter – Conversion of Length, Area, Temp., Volume, Weight and Time etc. is now inbuilt in the smartphone, but from this site you can do many conversions apart from all this, such as engineering convertors, fluid converters , Heat Converters, Electricity Converters, Magnetism converters, Radiology converters and Light converters etc. That’s why it’s special.

| i2OCR – This is a free online optical character recognition (OCR) that extracts text from images and scanned documents, which you can then use as you like.

Many times, while preparing a project, we need some text from a pdf or image, but we are left with no option except to write it manually. That’s where it works, it works so perfectly that you might even be surprised once.

Apart from this, there is a lot on this platform like converting PDF to other format, breaking the lock of PDF, splitting etc. Do visit it, maybe you will like it.

| Best educational websites for students in India – If you are in search of best educational websites, end your search here. Click on the given link and go to the page where about 50 best educational websites have been listed, that too with description. Do visit.

Note – If you want to understand the basics of share market from zero level in free then click on the given link – What is share market? ,

| Secret websites on Google

| Open Any Website  – Many times many websites are banned or closed by the internet service provider for some reason. In such a situation, that website does not keep opening. So next time if you feel like browsing any such website then use the given website. will open easily. By the way, most of the people take wrong advantage of this.

| Artcyclopedia – As the name suggests, you will find artworks of many artists from all over the world. According to the website, there are 9000 Artist Registered right now. You can see the art of all that from here.

| PrivNote – This is an online tool that allows users to send notes to their recipients via email or through URLs. This is special because your notes will actually self-destruct after a predetermined time and you’ll get a notification when it’s done.

| TechJunkie Tools – This is one of the few sites where you don’t need to subscribe or sing up to compress files, convert word docs to PDF, and much more. Just go to the site and get started.

| MathWay – Everyone needs a little extra help with maths sometimes. Although there are many sites available for this help but a common problem with that is that they do not help with everything. But this site will definitely help you, just enter the problem and get the answer.

| Internet Archive – Most people do not know about it, but whoever knows, knows that this is an ocean where you can dive as far as you want. Here you will find such things which may not be found anywhere else. Do visit.

| HotelWiFiTest – If you stay in hotels and are worried about their wifi, you can find out ahead of time which hotels have the best Wi-Fi connections and which hotels have free Wi-Fi. – Provides Fi connectivity.

| Hacker Typer – If you want to become a hacker even without studying then definitely visit this website. Here you can make yourself feel like a hacker. When people see you doing this, they will definitely be stunned. Yes, until he finds out.

| Account Killer – If you are tired of social media and want to leave it but you do not know how to delete your account from there. Then this site will help you.

Amazing websites for fun on the internet – If you are not satisfied with this much and want to see something new, then definitely read this article, about 40 Amazing websites for fun have been listed here too with description.

So overall there is so much in this article called Amazing websites, hope you liked it. More sites will be added to this list in future, so stay connected with it. Links of some other articles are given below, do read them too.


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