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The Top 5 Yoga Positions that you should know

 Yoga Positions

yoga positions
In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 yoga positions that you should know. This article is a part of Yoga series. Read all yoga articles and get benefitted from that. And don't forget to share. Let's start.

The most accurate information can change a person's life. This happened to me and yoga.

Many yoga poses and gestures are designed to improve posture.

With this in mind, yoga exercises have many benefits aimed at improving our fitness and giving us a straight shape.

Sometimes we may not realize that we are in a tilted position. In the future, if we practice long and do nothing about it, we will wait to find the crooked bone.

While that's true, yoga movements are good for strengthening ourselves

The focus of the body is on the thighs, knees and ankles. If you've made it a habit to practice yoga every day, you can expect your bones to respond immediately.

Abdomen and buttocks can be an important interface for both sexes. For men, maintaining an acceptable abdomen is ideal. That makes it more attractive to women.

Having good hips is also important for many women, many of whom work out to have lots of shape and form in their bodies.

Yoga movements miraculously relieve sciatica pain. These are among the pains that cannot be stopped. If you do yoga occasionally and regularly, you probably won't experience back or muscle pain. Here are some techniques to maintain good yoga posture.

Follow these steps until you fully understand the yoga movements and can perform them correctly.

Yoga gesture number one:

You should stand with your toes touching and your heels slightly apart.

You should gently lift and open your toes and soles. After that, you should gently lay it on the ground. Shake back and forth and even sideways.

You can gradually reduce this vibration to keep stopping and evenly distributing the weight on your legs.

Yoga pose number 2:

Flex the quadriceps, then raise the kneecap. Do this without tensing your stomach. Lift the inner ankles to strengthen the inner arches, then visualize a line of energy from the inner thighs to the top of the thighs. From there through the neck, torso and head and through the crown of the head. You should gently rotate your thighs inward. Pull the tail towards the floor and lift the pubic bone towards the navel.

Yoga pose number 3:

Push your shoulder blades back, crossing them and pressing them flat against your back. Without pushing the lower front gears almost forward, raise the top of the sternum toward the ceiling. claw dilation. Hang your arms next to your torso.

Yoga pose number 4:

You should balance the crown of your head firmly on the center of your pelvis so that the base of your chin is at floor level, your throat is soft, and your tongue is flat and flat on the floor of your mouth. Make your eyes smoother.

Yoga pose number 5:

Tadasana is usually the basic yoga pose for all standing poses. It is particularly suitable for practicing asanas. Remaining in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute makes breathing easier.

Just follow these clear numbers and make sure you're doing the right yoga moves.


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