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The Power Of Stretching - Yoga

Stretching in yoga

the power of stretching
In this article, we are going to discuss the power of stretching. This is a part of our yoga series articles. This article is small in length but effective, Read full article and browse other related articles too.

Your muscles may be damaged by a good stretch. This is perfectly normal and part of the process. Stretching movements from dawn seem to accompany us, especially with athletes.

The point of a good stretch is to stretch for at least 17 seconds. This is the pearl of wisdom I received from a yoga teacher a few years ago. Stretches of less than 17 seconds are ineffective, he said.

The 17-second rule is bypassed in high-intensity Bikram yoga, which involves stretching for about 30 seconds. Don't forget the high heat used in bikram to get that last stretch out of your muscles. An interesting twist isn't required to use traction. But it can't hurt, can it? So what benefits can you expect from traction? it is easy. Have you seen the movie Blood Sport? Did you know that Frank Dox really can stretch his body as much as possible? The actor who played him was resilient too. You will also find plenty of flexibility with well-trained Spetsnaz (Russian) agents. They often practice with Russian coffee beans. This is said to increase strength and ballistic shock resistance.

Why is traction and flexibility important to these people? Stretching gives you the ability to have explosive power at your fingertips without warming up. Of course, most of us are not artists or soldiers. But you'll be happy to know that there are other benefits as well.

Let me give you an example. After a long time learning to sit in the full lotus position, my ankle became very flexible. One day I was walking when my left foot fell in a pit. This accident pushed my ankle from normal to about 90 degrees to the side.

Surprisingly, it didn't hurt, not even a thing. If my ankle wasn't very flexible, my ankle would probably be twisted. It hurt for at least a few days.

Key Point: Stretching helps us avoid injury. In addition, a muscle, tendon or ligament injury should theoretically heal faster.

It actually extends to the growing ligaments, tendons, and muscles that are being stretched. They really do get longer over time.

Consult your doctor before engaging in any exercise, including stretching.


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