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Bhakti Yoga - The Science Of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga Means...

bhakti yoga
In this article, we are going to discuss Bhakti Yoga, This article is a part of Yoga series articles. Read all related articles and don't forget to share. 

Bhakti means devotion to God Almighty. Bhakti yoga is about offering oneself to God and attaining union with Him. This is the simplest form of yoga. This branch of yoga teaches the relationship between the fanatic and the divine. No technical or complex methods are required. No intellectual ability is required to master this yoga. He appealed to the common man because it gives him a sense of security and creates a kind of attachment and dependence on the goal of his will.

Bhakti Yoga assumes...

Bhakti Yoga assumes that there is a superior force that created the world and is very powerful. This power has the power to bestow grace and mercy on him, thus protecting him from all evil and evil. Bhakta are expected to be eligible for this divine blessing. For this he must possess self-sacrifice and virtue. His ultimate goal should be to unite with this divine power and rest in joy and peace forever. The Savior surrenders all his motives and actions to divine power. He denies any responsibility for the good or bad results of all his actions, attributing them to the will of the Almighty.

Sacrifice and faith play a crucial role in this branch of yoga. It is believed that a bhakta is very religious, should have a kind attitude towards other living beings including animals, read religious texts, focus on the divine symbol, think well and wish for others and so on. The beauty of this yoga lies. In its simplicity, this made it one of the most fascinating forms of yoga. After that, yoga creates peace of mind in the person. A calm person will always have happy thoughts and therefore live a happy life.


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