Learning English is not easy for people living in a non-English environment. Although the accessibility of the Internet has made it easier. So let’s know – How to learn English at home. 📌 Top 10 and More

Note – All the names of apps or other English platforms mentioned in this article are based on Self Experience and Internet Research. None of these are being promoted, this is just for your convenience.

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| Things to keep in mind while learning english at home

Often for Hindi speaking people, learning English is not less than a challenge. And many of us are often worried about this. But today’s era of this information technology has made it very easy.

To become fluent in English today, there is no need to live in a big city and do coaching. Today there are many such platforms based on internet, from where we can learn to speak, write, understand, read etc. in English sitting at home. But before that some important things must be kept in your mind. What is that important thing, let’s see;

| Create English environment ​​This means to surround yourself with English related activities by any means. There are a number of small steps that can be taken to get started, such as writing your shopping list in English, reading an English newspaper, listening to the radio, writing a diary in English, or listening to English on your smartphone on the way to work.

| To make friends or keep in touch with people who know English You can talk to such people for 5 or 10 minutes every day. A small club can also be formed with such people, which will help in correcting each other’s mistakes. If you can’t do this then the easiest is to talk to the English customer care executive of a company, you can make this conversation as long as you want.

| Set your goal and Be optimistic First of all, we must have a clear goal in front of us that to what level we want to learn English, then we should look for such paths for that which are a little funny, comfortable so as not to feel boredom And be hopeful. For this it is very helpful to play English crossword puzzles, listen to English songs, watch English comedy movies or shows etc.

| Understanding English Culture Suppose you want to understand the conversation and its technicality while cooking, then for this you can practice by taking out a book and notebook yourself or you can watch its video on youtube. The benefit of watching the video will be that what is said in what sense, when and what does it mean; Will start to understand. Since almost all videos now have subtitles, it becomes even easier.

Overall, these are some things that can be kept in mind, further we will talk about those platforms which allow to implement all the things mentioned above sitting at home. Basic description of all is given to help you choose the right platform as per your interest;

We have divided it into three parts so that it is easy to find

(1) How to learn English at home using Apps
(2) How to learn English at home using website
(3) How to learn English at home using youtube

| How to learn English at home using Apps

1. Learn English speaking Course

This is a very good app that teaches English in Hindi. Its user interface is very simple. That’s why it is very good for beginners. It is absolutely free and if you look together then this is a very good app to learn basic English.

Key Features

  • All English phrases and words are written in both English and Hindi. So the app helps you to learn your English from English phrase and phrase’s article written in Hindi.
  • The app has over 100 common situations and common English words to help you speak English in any situation.
  • Content is updated on a weekly basis to keep you updated. That’s why new content keeps on adding.
  • If you don’t have time to read, just download the audio and you can learn English on the go. Also bookmark your favorite English phrases or common English words for later reference.

2. Duolingo: Learn English Free

This is also a great free app for beginners. Its web version is also available. Here you are given small tasks. As you keep completing it, your level will also increase. Its a big name in Free App. Those who do not know anything in English can also learn from here. Its important features are as follows;

  • After signing up, if you ever forget to complete your daily task , then it also reminds you.
  • Duolingo believes that the content on its platform is equivalent to 34 hours of university-level education.
  • Can learn English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and many other languages.
  • You can also practice speaking here.

Alternative – Mem Rise ( Web version ) ( App version ) [Its paid version also comes around 3000 rupees annually]

3. Cake – Learn English for Free

This is a very awesome app. The way to teach English here is completely different from other apps. Here you are shown small clippings of hollywood movies and trailers.

Trust me, this method is very good. You will not feel bored at all. You will enjoy while practicing it. This is completely free.

, Watch this video for Key Features;

4. BBC Learning English

Its way of teaching English through audio and video programs is awesome. The arrangement of category wise topics is very good to you.

Very small videos are put here. By which you can learn a lot in less time. You can clear your doubts in the Teachers category. The quiz section here is very good. Once you have practiced your listening and reading skills, you can use the quiz to test your comprehension.

Key Features

  • When you are listening to an audio lesson, the program will continue to play in the background even when the screen is turned off
  • Every day new lesson is updated.
  • Programs are listed by series name or category , which means it’s easy to find the topic you want.
  • Facility to follow your favorite series
  • Professional English
  • English learning facility with every day English news
  • news review and more

5. Utter – Learn English on Chat

The idea of ​​this app is also completely different. Here you can improve English through chat. Here the grammar portion is covered very well. There is also a dictionary to understand the difficult word.

Apart from this, there are many features such as more than 100 grammar exercises and tests, more than 300 basic, intermediate, and advanced English conversation topics, as well as many professional skills are also taught here such as professional email, resume, presentation etc.

But it is not completely free, to use its full features, you can subscribe for 1 year by paying Rs 249 . But this is a very good app, so if you invest money then you will get its return.

6. Learn English Podcasts – Free

This is a completely free podcast app. When your English improves a little, you can use it.

From here you can practice to learn and understand English by listening. Yes, but when your English becomes a little good, only then you use it, otherwise everything will go over the top.

Key Features

  • New podcasts are added every week, so you never run out of things to listen to.
  • offline listening system
  • Interactive Audio Scripts allow you to easily repeat difficult-to-hear phrases or new vocabulary.
  • There is an option of pitch control i.e. if the speaker is a bit difficult to understand then you can slow down the audio speed.
  • You can listen to audio when the screen is off, which means you can put your phone in your pocket and listen to podcasts on the go.

Watch this video to see User Interface

7. Improve Your English | STEP

If you don’t like free reading then this is for you. You will find many short term courses here. You can choose your course according to your need. Different courses have different fees. It will remind you of coaching.

Even if you do not want to spend money, there is a lot available here for free. It’s all for free – 3 Free English Tests and 3 Video Lessons, daily practice of different nuances of the English language, 6 games (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary) for skills like that.

8. Practice English with Live Experts

This is a phone call based English learning platform. Simply put, you call and talk to a professional English speaker. Afterwards listen to the recording of your talk and rate it.

You can talk on any topic you want. If you are doing some mistake in speaking then he will guide you. You will find a friend whom you can talk to in English. That too when you get the time – isn’t it amazing!

But, it is not free. Well you can talk for 5 minutes for free. But if you really want to learn then you have to pay a lot of money. By the way, you should invest money in this only when you have learned to speak a little, otherwise it can be a little difficult.

9. Quiz your English

Quiz your English is one of the most enjoyable ways to build your vocabulary of English words and learn English grammar while making friends with other real language learners from around the world.

Here you can find your opponent through various means and then face him in real time. Players can check their stats to see where they went wrong on their English grammar test or vocabulary games, and take revenge with a quick rematch.

Subscribers can unlock tons of new content, helping them reach the next level of learning English grammar. All in all, Quiz Your English is a brand new way to enjoy learning your favorite language.

10. Beelinguapp

If you’re familiar with audio books, you’ll love Beelinguapp’s innovative approach to learning a new language. Here you can train your ears to pick up English by listening to audio books narrated by native speakers, this storytelling app is excellent for practicing reading. It is cleverly designed to tell the story in two different languages. First you study in English, then you can check in your language.

11. HelloTalk – Chat, Speak & Learn Languages ​​for Free

If you can’t find a suitable English speaking partner to learn English? Then HelloTalk is for you. It’s a free app that connects you with over 15 million members. A twist here is that you will have to teach them your language in return – that is, language exchange.

Its special thing is that when you chat with someone, the spelling mistake in it will be told to you and it will also be corrected. Make sure to install it to explore more of its features.

Bonus – English Pronunciation and Speaky – Language Exchange

| How to learn English at home using website

1. EF English Live – This is a good website for English courses. A lot of material is also available here for free, especially their English related blog which is enough to clear many of your doubts. Still, it is good only for those people who already know a little English and are able to spend four to five thousand months. Its other links – free English resources , English test

2. Oxford House Language course – It also has many language courses available, which you can choose according to your convenience and time. Depends on the course how much price you have to pay. If you want, you can also hire a trainer just for the sake of it.

3. Duolingo website – Its app has been mentioned above. If you do not want to install the app, then you can use its web version. There is another platform similar to this, Memrise , this is also a good platform. Whichever of the two you like can be used.

4. Tandem – This is a community based platform, it is easy to access through its app. You can join its community, find your language partner and then start a conversation with him.

Overall there is a website to learn English but it is not very popular, yes the platform offering courses is definitely popular but if you do not want to do any course then it is good to prefer app and youtube only. In the end, I will tell the name of another platform which is accessible to all of us, that is google assistance.

Google Assistant – Turn on your mobile. Long press the home button and google assistant will appear for you. Talk to him wholeheartedly. The easiest for which you will not have to do anything. If you show your little intelligence then you can learn a lot here.

| How to learn English at home using youtube

1. Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

When you have a little grip on grammar, then you can enjoy this youtube channel. This is an easy and fun way to learn English. It would be better to tell more about it that you go and have a look yourself. There is another youtube channel similar to this – Learn English With Fuken . You can also watch this.

2. Bonus youtube channel

Here I am giving a link to some other youtube channel, they make very good videos, you can learn a lot from this. Dear Sir , Spoken English Guru and Daily English Conversation

So hopefully this article titled how to learn english at home has proved beneficial for you; Below is a link to some other important articles, make sure to read it too.


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